The kidney and urological diseases are still rising in Vietnam and around the world. There are symptoms of kidney failure but not everyone knows. So what are the typical signs of kidney failure? When to see a doctor?

The cause of kidney failure

Idiopathic kidney disease: this cause accounts for nearly 70%, such as various types of chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, chronic interstitial nephritis, kidney stones and renal artery stenosis ...

Hypertension and diabetes: doctors still recommend that patients with a history of hypertension, diabetes should check blood sugar regularly, regular checkups to keep the disease at a stable, uncomplicated level. . The kidneys are made up of millions of blood vessels, so if blood sugar is too high it can cause vascular sclerosis and kidney damage, eventually developing kidney failure.

Obstruction of the urinary tract: This condition is caused by poor drainage of the lower urinary tract, such as prostate or enlarged tumor, narrow urethra, urethral stones, etc. if not controlled in time, It is very easy to cause a secondary secondary infection, leading to chronic kidney failure.

Dr. Duong Thi Thanh Tam - Head of Dialysis Department of City International Hospital is checking on herr patient

Symptoms of kidney failure

4 warning signs of kidney failure are:

  • Urine discoloration: In the early stages of kidney failure, the most obvious symptom is a change in urine, this change is mainly divided into changes in the amount and color of urine. People normally pale yellow urine but with patients with kidney failure, even drinking a little water can still urinate a lot, especially at night and dark urine.
  • There are also cases of drinking too much water with a small amount of urine, when water intoxication may occur, patients with kidney failure may experience red and frothy urine.
  • Systemic swelling: Kidney failure causes the kidneys to not be able to flush water out of the body promptly, so symptoms of body swelling will occur. In the early stages, edema may appear only on the feet and eyelids, with the gradual progression of the disease, severe generalized swelling will occur.
  • Skin itching: In patients with progressive renal failure, urea in the body cannot be excreted from the urine through the kidneys. Therefore, these urea are forced to leak from the pores of the skin, causing irritation and itching of the skin.
  • Back pain: Kidney failure can lead to back pain. The pain site is usually deep and just below the rib cage or spread to the groin or hip area. Back pain due to kidney failure is accompanied by feeling sick, vomiting, high body temperature and frequent urination. If you have constant back pain and painkillers are not effective, you should see a doctor to accurately diagnose your condition.

Back pain is one of the risk factors for kidney failure.

Prevention of kidney failure

For patients with certain chronic conditions, such as those with diabetes and high blood pressure, it is necessary to control their condition, take medication on time, and control their diet and physical well-being. Micro stability.

To prevent kidney failure, the daily diet should control salt intake, avoid eating a lot. Consuming too much salt will increase the burden on the kidneys, causing kidney disease in the long run.

Maintain a sufficient daily intake of water. Not thirsty to drink but need to drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Do not refrain from urinating or urinating before need is also a bad habit for the kidneys

Examining kidney and urological pathologies with experts

If you need to see and treat kidney and urological problems, you can go to City International Hospital, Department of Gastroenterology - Urology (2nd Floor) of the hospital to be the leading experts in Kidney - Urology examination and treatment.

The team of urologists has many years of experience in the diagnosis and intensive treatment of urinary tract diseases, which will help guests feel secure with the doctor's treatment regimen.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Vinh, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Urology Association, the urinary system is a very large system stretching the adrenal, bladder, prostate, urethra, testes, genital organs. .. Because of so many organs, there are diseases with high incidences such as kidney failure, urinary tract infections (up to 45%). Especially in the elderly can up to 50% of people with the disease. In addition, urolithiasis has a high incidence, Vietnam is in the "gravel belt". Caused by diet, climate, weather, lifestyle ...

Patients with urinary tract infections should drink more water than usual to help flush out toxins. Should diversify foods should not eat a food, in addition to a scientific exercise regime and Assoc. Prof. Vinh recommended.

Also watch Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Vinh shring on his livestream

Examination of the Renal System at City International Hospital 

Physicians and Specialists in Internal Medicine and  Dialysis at City International Hospital has many years of experience in examination and treatment of kidney and artificial kidney diseases such as: diabetic kidney, renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, infection urine, hematuria, examination edema. In addition, the hospital's Dialysis Center doctors specialize in nutrition, advocacy for patients who need Dialysis, Hemodialysis and plan long-term effective treatment for patients.

Exam time: Monday - Friday Morning (07:30 – 11:30).

Meet the team at CIH-BBraun Hemodialysis Center

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