Vaccine Supply Update (20 May 2019)
Monday 20 May 2019
Table of Vaccines Supply Availability is created and frequently updated for everyone convenience.
Wednesday 15 May 2019
City Plus' multidisciplinary approach successfully treated an acute pulmonary edema in end-stage renal disease
A 43-year-old male, who thought to be at Death's Door in a life-threatening acute pulmonary edema complicated with a severer end-stage renal disease,...
Friday 10 May 2019
'Around-the-globe' father-and-son survival journey & their fight against Glioblastoma brain cancer
“I’ve never stopped fighting to get him back” says the Ukrainian father, whose son was diagnosed with a brain cancer in 2014, traveled to City International...
Tuesday 7 May 2019
2019 World Hand Hygiene Day 'Clean Care For All' with CIH
Demonstrate your support for World Hand Hygiene Day on 5th May 2019 and help us spread the message “Clean care for all - It’s in your hands”
Tuesday 7 May 2019
How sleep loss harms your health
A growing number of studies have linked long-term sleep deficits with significant health problems.