For patients on dialysis who have epigastric abdominal pain, heartburn, etc., and want to have a gastroscopy to check whether it is possible? With such pathological cases, anesthesia for gastric anesthesia should be noted and what should be noted?

 Endoscopy Doctor, Gastroenterology shared, patients with dialysis can still undergo gastroscopy. However, before conducting colonoscopy, you need to be examined and assessed by the doctor to know whether or not anesthesia can be indicated.

The doctor explained that anesthesia is used to examine the gastrointestinal tract including esophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon, to help detect and treat lesions and pathologies promptly. here.

Patients on dialysis can have a gastroscopy but need medical evaluation first.

During endoscopy, patients will be anesthetized with short-acting sedative, wake up after 15 minutes and do not affect health. So when the patient will not feel uncomfortable, wake up when the procedure is complete.

Anesthesia for each person should follow the instructions of the doctor. Some people with a history of comorbidities who do not have anesthesia designation may use nasal endoscopy. This method also does not cause discomfort or irritation to patients.

Anesthesia is considered safe and has few complications. Anesthetics administered in anesthesia are administered intravenously in appropriate amounts. The patient wakes up right after finishing the colonoscopy. The anesthetic time is short, the amount of anesthetic is small so it is not harmful to health. Moreover, according to some statistics, complications related to general anesthetics are rare. However, in order to minimize these risks, in some specific cases (people with diabetes, heart disease, etc.), they need to be thoroughly examined and necessary tests done before conducting anesthesia.

Endoscopy Department of City International Hospital is designed to meet the privacy, comfort and safety of patients. In addition, there is strict adherence to the principles of sterilization and disinfection to prevent the spread of germs through endoscopic instruments for patients and healthcare workers:

  • The endoscopic area, before examination / after examination, washing of the scope is separate.
  • The scope is washed by an automated machine
  • Biopsy nippers and endoscopic aids are sterilized with EO and Plasma
    Using CO2 in endoscopy
  • Air filtration system and negative pressure ventilation: Air filtration, negative pressure and air transfer should be completely clean and free of the typical chemical disinfectant odor found in most endoscopic centers.

Highlight activities

  • Painless endoscopy  (sedative, using Co2 gas)
  • Endoscopic screening, early detection of stomach and colon cancer.
  • Laparoscopy of retrograde pancreatitis taking gallstones.
  • The breath test for H. pylori bacteria using carbon C13 has no radioactivity.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy services

- Diagnostic endoscopy:

  • Gastroscopy: diagnosis, biopsy, Helicobacter Pylori test, endoscopy with sedation and pain relief, endoscopy for children.
  • Rectal endoscopy - colonoscopy: regular endoscopy, sedative and analgesic endoscopy for children.
  • Endoscopic cholangiopancreatic retrograde diagnosis: diagnosis of gallstones, stenosis of the bile ducts, biliary tract tumors ....

- Endoscopic treatment:

  • Gastroduodenal treatment: Treatment of stomach, duodenal, esophageal bleeding, foreign body removal, polyps, stenting treatment of esophageal cancer, gastro-duodenum, gastric and open stomach Cardiac treatment of spastic contractions, dilatation treatment of esophageal stenosis, placing shadow treatment of obesity.
  • Rectal endoscopy - colon treatment: Polypectomy, hemostasis, foreign body removal, hemorrhoids for I-II-III internal hemorrhoids, treatment stent placement, cleft palate after surgery, anal dilatation after hemorrhoids.
  • Endoscopic cholangioscopy treatment: Taking gallstones, pancreatic duct stones, worms in the bile ducts, treating biliary stenosis, placing biliary tract treatment tubes, sphincter cutting to treat biliary obstruction due to vater stenosis, duodenal pouch, Endoscopic cholecystectomy for bile duct screening after cholecystectomy.

- Bronchoscopy:

  • Diagnostic bronchoscopy
  • Endoscopy of bronchial biopsy
  • Endoscopic bronchoscopy of a transbronchial lung biopsy
  • Bronchial air stent placement

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