Fatty liver is an excess of fat in the liver, which affects the function of the liver. In the early stages, fatty liver is considered a benign disease, but if not treated early and effectively, fatty liver will turn into cirrhosis, even liver cancer, which is life-threatening. . So manifestations of fatty liver through stages like? 

 Fatty liver is divided into 3 stages, representing each different fatty state in the liver:

Stage 1

When fatty liver is in stage 1, fat in the liver exceeds 5–10% by weight. This is considered a mild phase, benign, without danger and without any manifestations. Patients do not have specific symptoms, if only clinical examination will be difficult to detect. Regular tests and physical examinations should be conducted to detect the earliest fatty liver in the early stages. Detecting and treating fatty liver disease at this stage as directed by your doctor, the fatty liver condition will be completely recovered.

The liver is considered the "detox factory" of the body.

Stage 2

When the amount of fat in the liver accounts for 10-20% of the total weight of the liver, the doctor determines that the patient is in the second stage of fatty liver disease. At this stage, the patient begins to have more pronounced symptoms such as anorexia, poor appetite, indigestion, bloating, nausea and feeling tired regularly. Also because these symptoms are quite common, so many people do not pay attention and ignore, making the disease more likely to develop and worsen. 

When the test results are available, the patient can see fatty tissue that has appeared clearly on the parenchyma of the liver and diaphragm. Doctors say this is a period of accumulation, farming and there is no method to treat it thoroughly. Therefore, the best way for people with fatty liver to protect their health during this period is to eat according to the scientific regime, enhance physical exercise and create good immunity for the liver. Especially should not use stimulants such as alcohol, beer ... Subjective at this stage causes fatty liver disease quickly changes badly to stage 3 dangerous. 

Stage 3

The percentage of fat in the liver up to more than 30% of the total weight of the liver is a manifestation of stage 3 fatty liver disease. Patients when tested will see the spread of fat in the liver increased rapidly and clearly. pronounced. Along with that are the typical manifestations of liver disease such as right upper quadrant pain, jaundice, yellow eyes, angiomas emerging on the skin, anorexia, fatigue, rapid weight loss ... 

This stage is the most dangerous and severe phase of fatty liver. From here, the disease can completely turn into cirrhosis, liver cancer quickly if not treated properly and consistently. When the fatty liver complication begins, there is no chance that the patient will have to accept living with the disease and long-term treatment depends on the effectiveness of the treatment. 

In addition, patients with steatosis may have hormonal disorders that occur in both men and women. A small number of men with this condition may develop mammary glands, or have erectile problems, testicular atrophy in the late stages. Women can increase, lose weight abnormally, for unknown reasons, or menorrhagia, menstrual disorders...

How is fatty liver treated?

How to lose weight and exercise, and change your healthy, scientific lifestyle is the best way to treat fatty liver. In addition, you can get vaccinated against Hep A, hepatitis B to protect the liver from harmful viruses. 

Exercise and diet are not enough to control fatty liver. You need to see a doctor and consult appropriate treatment directions. Depending on the severity of each patient's illness, your doctor may prescribe or develop a suitable diet plan for you. There is no medicine to treat fatty liver, but changing your diet and lifestyle can significantly improve your condition. 

In order to detect fatty liver disease at the earliest, we need to have regular health check-ups, with tests, diagnostic images and physical examination done by doctors, which will help patients easily detect. Fatty liver from the first stage.

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