During the past 6 years, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology City International Hospital has always been the first choice of pregnant mothers. Modern and luxurious facilities, a dedicated team of physicians, ensure absolute privacy and safety for mothers and babies according to international standards.

High quality VIP postpartum room at City International Hospital.

 Air: brought into operating room according to treatment scheme: Outdoor air → Sterilized by UV → Positive pressure generator → Sterilized by UV → HEPA FILTER filter (capable of filtering 0.3 micrometer particles with effective yield 99.97 - 99.99%). The exhaust air is continuously sucked through the ventilation boxes at the four corners of the wall to ensure that the air in the delivery room is always new.

Pressure, Temperature, Humidity: The pressure is positive pressure (# 10Pa, Pascal = N / m2), 20-25 gas exchange / hour, the required temperature in the Birth Room is 18-22 degrees Celsius, degrees moisture from 55 - 65.

Water source for surgical handwashing: Anios Filter's filtration device to ensure no germs

Handwashing technique: All employees are trained and tested to carry out 07-step hand washing technique according to Parkway's training and follow 05 times as recommended by WHO.

Sanitation cleaning process: Staff perform cleaning with antiseptic water 6 times / day in the entire operating room. Pasteur Institute tests microbiology every 3 months.

Modern , quality and safe delivery room.

 Surgical  equipment and methods of sterilization by modern machines: Soak & Wash with machines - Packaging - Autoclave ... are always checked or microbiological tested in every step.

Accurate patient identification: Compliance with JCI standards for patient identification. Staff identified pregnant women 3 times before entering the delivery room.

ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) standard helps pregnant women recover quickly after giving birth: Keep warm by a heater, control pain according to the condition of the pregnant woman, support nutrition and early mobilization after birth.

Mom was encouraged by her husband and she was skin-to-skin with her mother right after birth.

Medical staff of City International Hospital are always required to control 24/24 to minimize the complications of postpartum infection for pregnant women, and help to recover early and quickly. Back to normal activities to save time and cost of hospital stay.

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