Getting a general health check at City International Hospital, you will experience a lot of difference with the quality of high quality medical services, reasonable cost, experienced leading doctors, carefully applied the most advanced technology in the field of medicine today.

 Regular health checks and tests can help detect the disease early in its infancy. Today, the physical examination is not simply a "find-out" disease, but also an objective summary of health milestones as well as a prediction of some risk factors. reason causing harm to health. Regular health checkups every year or every 6 months are the same as daily health protection habits, but this action also protects people at a wider scale.

 Physical examination can monitor, screen, detect and treat common, dangerous or intensive diseases (breast, prostate, cardiovascular ...) right away from the onset of pathology. The timely treatment will help you improve your chances of living, healthier yourself.

Don't let disease get in the way of the life you love. Schedule an affordable, accurate health screening today.

City International Hospital offers a comprehensive and comprehensive health check-up program. The team of general doctors and specialists, nurses of the hospital perform examination and counseling to help you feel really comfortable and convenient. The doctor will explain the health examination results and answer all your questions or concerns.

Endoscopic painless colonoscopy, stomach completely comfortable and assured.

 At City International Hospital, there are general health checkup packages designed to meet different requirements of each person such as regular health checks for individuals and families, businesses, regular cancer screenings for both men and women, get health checkups to license foreign workers in Vietnam.

 The hospital expands health examination packages to much more beneficial, better services, and cost saving packages. There are examination packages for people and businesses to choose freely: basic, general, advanced and advanced packages starting from only 1,650,000 VND.

Amenities and supporting services 

In addition to the regular health check items, City International Hospital also has many convenient support services to serve medical examination and treatment such as: shuttle bus, sleep monitor, multicenter osteoporosis ... to help office workers and people, take preventive measures and timely schedule activities, eating and drinking in accordance with health.

 The hospital also regularly organizes free health consultations through activities such as organizing events, livestreams, and telephone counseling ... helping to answer questions. Through that, many interesting, useful and specialized topics of different specialties help customers have more appropriate diet, activities, and exercise, limiting some common diseases when working in offices such as: obesity, fatty liver, fat in the blood ... This is a difference that not every medical facility, hospital applies.

 In addition, the hospital regularly organizes health related topics such as smoking cessation, proper yoga, and antenatal classes to serve customers for free.

 Ctiy International Hospital over the years has always recorded much positive feedback from customers after examination and treatment. Most of the customers have good reviews, peace of mind with the quality and caring patient care of the doctors and nurses here.

 City International Hospital is designed and built with 5-star standard in Hoa Lam Shangri-La High-tech Medical Area and on the list of hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health to treat and treat foreigners. With this method, in the past 6 years of operation, the hospital has attracted thousands of international visitors such as the US, UK, Japan, Cambodia...

 During the complicated Covid-19 epidemic season, City International Hospital regularly organizes live health counseling programs on obstetrics, digestive, neurological ... to help guests access. Update latest information right at home. Please follow the information on the website, fanpage to update the special offers of City International Hospital.

Check out our different Screening Packages for different needs 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to our service consultation hotline (+84) 28 6280 3333, ext: 8424 or 8402 for more information.

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