Having a healthy placenta is vital during pregnancy because it’s the placenta that delivers oxygen and nutrients to your baby and eliminates waste. What does a calcified placenta mean, what are the symptoms, and how can you prevent the condition? Today you’ll find out everything you need to know about placental calcification.

Calculation of placenta or fibrosis placenta is the phenomenon of calcium depositing in the middle of the placenta and uterine muscle. This is a common phenomenon in late pregnancy. Calcification of the placenta is a sign of maturity of the fetus, not the fetus being degenerated as many people think.

Calcification of placenta is divided into 3 different levels, the greater the gestational age, the more calcified the cloud:

  • Calcification of placenta at 0 degree : gestational age of about 31 weeks (+/- 1 week)
  • Calcification of placenta at level 1 : 34 weeks gestation (+/- 3.2 weeks)
  • Calcification of placenta at level 2 : gestational age 37.6 weeks (+/- 2.7 weeks)
  • Calcification of placenta at level 3:  38.4 weeks gestation age (+/- 2.2 weeks)

New moms should not worry about the results of calcified placenta.

One more thing many mothers or "word of mouth", that is when placental calcification, nutrition from mother to child will be worse. This is not entirely true. Because calcification does not greatly affect the metabolism of each other. Because metabolism occurs in the blood pools between the placenta, while calcium only deposits around the edge of the placenta. Therefore, there are pregnant women calcifying placenta at level from 27 to 28 weeks but the fetus is still developing well in weight. Only when the level of calcification level 3 (the highest level) shows that the fetus has matured, it is necessary to monitor closely, avoid the phenomenon of fetus for too long, can cause fetal aging, causing the baby to lose weight in the womb .

Therefore, for all pregnant women, including the diagnosis of whether or not calcified placenta, pregnant women also need to go to the doctor in accordance with the appointment, the doctor's appointment. When the fetus is full term (through an ultrasound evaluation of amniotic fluid, placental calcification ...) and the fetus still has no signs of labor, the doctor will recommend timely intervention to the best for mother and baby health. When there are signs of harm to the pregnancy, the doctor will order prompt intervention.

Accordingly, obstetricians recommend not to abuse or arbitrarily supplement calcium if not prescribed by a doctor. Because if the abuse of calcium will cause calcium to be deposited in the placenta, causing calcification of the placenta, excess calcium in the newborn makes the baby's fontanel too soon too bad.

All worries, questions, pregnant women can go to the obstetric department and be consulted by a doctor. Avoid listening to one person saying, the other gossip leads to psychological confusion, anxiety is not good for both mother and baby.


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