Welcome Dr. Nguyen Tan Duc as Head of Laboratory Department at CIH.
Thursday 21 October 2021
City International Hospital (CIH) is pleased to welcome Dr. Nguyen Tan Duc to our Medical Team beginning October 2021 as Head of Laboratory.
Saturday 12 June 2021
City International Hospital is highly nominated by HCDC in Preventing Covid-19
City International Hospital (CIH) would like to inform all patients & their families, CIH staff, and the community that CIH has properly implemented safety...
Friday 7 May 2021
Successful application of ERAS in back disc herniation surgery
On April 20, 2021, City International Hospital (CIH) successfully treated a patient N.X.H, 35 years old, with a herniated disc L5 / S1 by means of a dialysis surgery....
Tuesday 4 May 2021
May prenatal program with special offers
Screening, preventing and recognizing abnormal signs such as threats of preterm birth, fetal angle deviation, gestational diabetes, hemorrhoids in pregnancy ... are...
Thursday 29 April 2021
City International Hospital organizes Covid-19 vaccinations
Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health directs City International Hospital to organize the vaccination of Covid-19 vaccine for medical staff of the hospital, Than Dan...

Lung cancer in its early stages typically does not cause any symptoms, so patients are often diagnosed when the disease has already advanced. That's why it's important to screen for lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Screening Package at CIH

Tests Included  
Medical consultation   
Comprehensive medical history & physical examinations  
Specialist consultation   
Diagnostic Imaging   
Chest Low-dose CT (LDCT)  
Total cost of the individual tests (VND) 2,350,000
Package Price 1,900,000


What are the chances that I will develop lung cancer?

The #1 cause of lung cancer is exposure to tobacco smoke. Your chances increase with the amount you smoke and the number of years you have smoked. The more you smoke or are exposed to smoke from others (second-hand smoke), the greater your chances of developing lung cancer. People who have never smoked may develop lung cancer, but their chance is much less than people who smoke or who used to smoke.


Symptoms of lung cancer should not be ignored:

 Persistent cough: A cough that persists and gets worse is a sign that you need to have a checkup. Most lung cancer patients have a cough, often with blood. Coughing with a thick rust-colored sputum may also be an early sign of lung cancer. A dry cough that lasts longer than a month can also be a warning sign.

 Chronic bacterial infections: In most cases, bacteria and viruses are the cause of lung infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia. However, if you're constantly getting sick and all the illness goes to your lungs, it could be a sign of lung cancer. The infection may be caused by the tumor itself, or by the weakened immune system.


Symptoms of lung cancer should not be ignored.

 Chest pain: Chronic chest pain is one of the most visible signs of lung cancer, especially if the pain gets worse when you take a deep breath, cough or smile. Be aware if the pain spreads all the way back, whether the pain is dull or aching, you should see a doctor for a check.

 Unexplained weight loss: You suddenly lost a few pounds that were not caused by exercise or diet? For cancer, melanoma can produce proteins that cause the body to lose weight. That is also the reason you may have anorexia.

 Bone pain: If lung cancer has spread to other parts of your body, you may experience pain in your bones and joints. Common pain sites are the back and hip area.

 Swelling of the face and neck: If a malignant tumor begins to press on the superior vena cava (the vena cava circulates blood from the head and arms to the heart), you may have swelling in the face and neck. Arms and upper chest area may also be affected.

 Excessive fatigue: This feeling is not the same as normal fatigue. It is so worn out that you just want to lie on the bed very quickly. 80% of lung cancer patients experience excessive fatigue. However, there are many other health and lifestyle factors that can make you feel tired, so see your doctor to determine the exact cause.

 Muscle weakness: Lung cancer affects both the muscles and internal organs of a patient. One of the affected areas is the hip area. You may even have trouble getting up from your seat. In addition, you may also feel the loss of strength in the shoulders, arms and legs. Lung cancer can produce certain hormones or cause the immune system to attack the nervous system which is directly related to the muscles, leading to muscle weakness.

 High levels of calcium: Some forms of lung cancer produce hormone-like substances that disrupt mineral balance in the body. In some cases, excess calcium will enter the bloodstream. You should pay attention to signs of excess calcium such as frequent urination, dry neck thirst, constipation, nausea, abdominal pain and dizziness.

 Quick, Painless & Accurate Cancer Detection

 Screening means testing for a disease when there are no symptoms or history of that disease. Doctors recommend a screening test to find a disease early, when treatment may work better.

 The only recommended screening test for lung cancer is low-dose computed tomography (also called a low-dose CT scan, or LDCT). In this test, an X-ray machine scans the body and uses low doses of radiation to make detailed pictures of the lungs.

Lung Cancer Screening Package 

Tests Included  
Medical consultation   
Comprehensive medical history & physical examinations  
Specialist consultation   
Diagnostic Imaging   
Chest Low-dose CT (LDCT)  
Total cost of the individual tests (VND) 2,350,000
Package Price 1,900,000

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