In Vietnam, more than 10 million people (about 11% of the population) suffer from "speechlessness" because the bladder is overactive. Some common pathologies of the urinary tract make many ladies and gentlemen fall into a situation of "bad crying and laughing," which affects much to life and work ...

Frequent urination: every 30 minutes

The most recent patient case was a 30-year-old woman from the Central region who received treatment from HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy. During the past 2 months, Ms. N.T.K has continuous urination, which she wants to go once every 30 minutes. At night, she also often insomnia because she has to wake up to urinate, on average 2-3 times / night, local treatment but ineffective.

At the Department of Functional Urology, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, doctors adjusted their living regimes, combined with drug treatment. After a while, Ms. K's urine retention decreased by 70%.

In another case, Mrs. H.T.L (55 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) had an average of 10 times / day for many years, sometimes had incontinence, so her life was inconvenient and guilty. Having been treated to adjust living habits, using anti-muscarinic drugs for many months, the disease did not improve. The doctors changed the plan by injecting Botox into the bladder, after 4 months the symptoms improved.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van An, Head of Functional Urology Department of University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, patients with hyperactivity of bladder with manifestations of urination, urination many times, urinary incontinence, nocturia. Statistics show that around 16% -17% of the population is ill in the world. In Vietnam, this proportion accounts for about 11% of the population (over 10 million people).

Particularly at the urology clinic of the University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy recently, many people have come to them with many symptoms such as urgency to urinate (suddenly feeling very keen to urinate that is hard to stop), urinating many times at a time. awake (more than 8 times / day), nocturia causes insomnia (more than 1 time / night), urgency to urinate. The disease is common in all ages, women suffer more often than men and so far the medicine has not determined the cause.

Use of Grafts in Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery at Binh Dan Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hard to tell anyone

According to experts, uncomfortable urination has two common types: One is incontinence due to exertion, often occurs in women due to weakening of the perineal muscles and spasms that control the passage. pee. Under the influence of increased abdominal pressure, urine will automatically drain out.

The other is incontinence due to an unstable or overactive bladder. Although the patient does not affect his / her life, the quality of life is affected, inferiority complex, low self-esteem in daily life and work.

According to Dr Nguyen Thi Thai Ha, specialist level I in Urology City International Hospital, the disease is most common in postpartum women and women aged 40 and over due to the female perineal region at the upper age being more easily affected during pregnancy or affected by hormones during menopause. This condition causes the tissue of the urinary - genital tissue to become soft or flaky, causing urination. Young women who work hard, regularly play sports or get too little rest after pregnancy are also susceptible to this condition.

In addition, a "hard-to-speak" disease that many women with felt sick, inferiority, suffering from genital prolapse, pelvic prolapse. According to statistics of the Ho Chi Minh City Association of Pelvic Floor, pathology affects 40% of women over the age of 40.

1 out of 5 people will suffer from two or more conditions. This disease causes urinary disorders, digestive disorders, sexual disorders, affecting the quality of life of women. The disease usually appears in postmenopausal women, pregnant and giving birth many times. Women are in danger of breaking their happiness for a delicate thing, but many people bite their teeth and dare not tell anyone.

In the past, the intervention method used was hysterectomy. However, according to Dr. Tran Vinh Hung, Director of Binh Dan Hospital, now a new step in treating this disease is surgery to help women improve their quality of life significantly.

For men, erectile dysfunction is one of the causes affecting family happiness. At Binh Dan Hospital, every year, about 9,000 men visit this disease every year.

MSc MD Mai Ba Tien Dung, Head of the Department of Male Studies at Binh Dan Hospital, said erectile dysfunction is not a symptom but a condition that men take a long time to detect because of inferiority complex, shy. Men are afraid to share their feelings with anyone, which makes the condition worse. Only when the health problem became too serious, they decided to go to the doctor.

Dr. Dung also shared that in addition to the therapies, especially psychological treatment, nowadays, artificial insertion is also one of the solutions to help men improve sexual capacity if unfortunately fell into this tragedy.

Source: Online Press: - Người Lao Động

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