Many patients with urinary tract infections do not know or confuse them with other conditions. So when you have the following symptoms, think about the risk of a urinary tract infection (also called a UTI). Learning the early signs of a UTI can help you better understand what's happening in your body—and help you know what's important to share with your doctor.

 Cloudy urine

For most healthy people, if there is no health problem, urine is almost odorless or in some cases should only have a slight ammonia smell. So, be aware of the smell of urine at the same time. "If you suddenly notice an unusual odor or urine smell, this could suggest a urinary tract infection or urinary stone, especially if the smell is also associated with cloudy urine." "These signs ensure that you need to see a doctor for a checkup. If you can detect it early, then there is a better chance of treating it before more unpleasant symptoms appear."

Urinating many times

Another early symptom of an imminent UTI is the feeling that you need to urinate more often than usual. And this can also be accompanied by cloudy urine as mentioned above. "When bacteria come into contact with a urinary system, inflammatory signals cause the body to respond to invading bacteria and can cause such a reaction in a body."

A urinary tract infection can be cured if the person is examined regularly and in accordance with a doctor's prescription.

You feel a strong, persistent need to urinate, yet only pass a small amount.

The symptoms of a UTI will depend on the severity of the infection. That said, another early sign of precaution is a constant, strong urge to urinate. Inflammation puts pressure on the receptors that signal when you need to urinate, "making it feel like you need to rush.

Also because of inflammation, you may also notice that you feel like you have to urinate, even when you have just gone. "Inflammation also narrows the opening of the urethra where the urine passes, meaning you usually only urinate a small amount at a time."

You experience a burning sensation when you urinate.

Another initial symptom is a burning sensation when urinating, "because the inflamed tissue is very sensitive and causes a burning sensation when urine passes through it." You may even feel burning or tingling before urinating, which can cause you to rush into the bathroom.

If you notice anything different, making lots of water a top priority. See your doctor early for appropriate advice.

You have pain in your back or lower abdomen.

Lower abdominal pain can also be an early warning sign. "This is caused by inflammation of the bladder against infection." You may notice a dull pain or cramping.

Again, the best thing to do is to drink lots of water. "Over-the-counter painkillers [..] can be used to ease the pain."

But what you really want to do is make sure the infection doesn't spread from your bladder to your kidneys, which can happen if you ignore the symptoms. At that time, you will have a serious infection and may experience things like fever and chills, and back pain. So if anything in it happens, let the doctor know.

Poor bladder control

Quite annoying, "you may also find yourself having less bladder control during a UTI." And this can lead to feeling like you're going to urinate before going to the toilet.

This can also occur due to the pain of inflammation, which can make the urge to urinate super strong. However, at that time, your infection may last longer. Although you can eliminate the bacteria in the earliest stages of infection by drinking lots of water, it is always better to see a doctor.

Urinary tract infections are common among the diseases of the urinary system. When signs of abnormalities go to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment to help improve the quality of life.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Vinh, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Urology Association, the urinary system is a very large system stretching the adrenal, bladder, prostate, urethra, testes, genital organs. .. Because of so many organs, there are diseases with high incidences such as: urinary tract infections (up to 45%). Especially in the elderly can up to 50% of people with the disease. In addition, urolithiasis has a high incidence, Vietnam is in the "gravel belt". Caused by diet, climate, weather, lifestyle ...

Patients with urinary tract infections should drink more water than usual to help flush out toxins. Should diversify foods should not eat a food, in addition to a scientific exercise regime and Assoc. Prof. Vinh recommended.

Also watch the expert livestream of Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Vinh.

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