Maintaining regular physical activity is important for those who have or are at risk of diabetes.

Being active is an important part of your lifestyle, especially for those who have or are at risk of diabetes. Even very little activity can have many benefits such as improving insulin sensitivity, increasing comfort, controlling your weight, reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular problems. and keep the musculoskeletal system strong.

Diabetics need regular physical activity with gentle sports.

How much exercise is enough?

Any extra activity you can do is a plus for the day. The recommended minimum level of activity is 30 minutes a day and a minimum of 5 days per week. For children, the goal is a minimum of one hour a day. Cardiovascular organizations around the world recommend that we take 10,000 steps a day to have a healthy heart; This is equivalent to about 8 kilometers.

What activities are counted?

What activities cause your heart rate to increase slightly. These activities include: brisk walking, climbing stairs, shopping, gardening, housework, dancing, yoga, nourishment, and sports. These activities create motivation to help us be more active.

Sometimes you find it difficult to do so for a variety of reasons, most commonly not having enough time. In the long run, maintaining an activity takes time, but just a little activity or some exercise can help revitalize you. Activity allows the brain to work better. And a robust body will bring about a healthy mental health, as the name of a Japanese sports equipment manufacturer, ASICS, in Latin anima sana in corpore sano.

Activity and cardiovascular health

People with existing cardiovascular problems may need to avoid excessive physical activity like inhaling, lifting weights, or running. Or any activity that changes dramatically fast. If you have heart problems, you can consult with your health professional to choose the right type of activity.

How to prepare for a workout for people with diabetes
You should have a specific plan when you practice, the time and track when exercising. The monitoring of blood glucose before training is necessary, helping you limit complications during exercise.

  • If your pre-workout blood sugar is lower than 100mg / dL (5.6mmol / L), you need to eat shavings or drink milk, fruit juice, equivalent to 15-30 grams of carbohydrate before starting the exercise.
  • If blood sugar before training from 100mg / dL - 250 mg / dL (5.6mmol / L- 13.9mmol / L) is safe to practice.
  • If your pre-workout blood glucose is greater than 250mg / dL (13.9mmol / L) your blood sugar level is too high to exercise, you need to check your urine for ketones, the presence of ketones in your urine indicates that your body is not enough insulin to control blood sugar. Immediate treatment is needed to prevent complications

Executive Health Screening (EHS) at City International Hospital


Good health is a process which enhances your physical well-being enabling you to engage in Social, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of life. It is a luxury - we guarantee this to all our Clients. City International Hospital is dedicated to offer you  a wide range of General Health Screening Packages, tailor-made to suit the specifically individual needs and to cover all age groups and both the genders, arranged from basic to executivewill detects the hidden ailments and gives you timely warning to get specific treatment to arrest these conditions and avoid future complications.

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