Morning June 9, City International Hospital welcomes more than 300 guests to our Seminar on Colorectal Cancer Screening with free at home cancer screening kits and professional consultations along with special offers from the Board of Organizers. 

The purpose of this seminar is to educate the public the potential risk of colorectal cancer and the primary goal of colorectal cancer screening which is to prevent cancer deaths.

More than 300 guests joined CIH at the Seminar.

Joining the Seminar, we honestly welcomed Ms. Tran Thi Lam - Chairwoman of Hoa Lam Cooperation and Mr. Yip Chong Kuan - Owner Representative.

Our honor to also have Dr John L. Lucas, CIH Medical Director and CIH quality healthcare team.

Our appreciation to more than 30 journalists and reporters for their enthusiastic participation in the seminar.

Our seminar started out with Ms Tran Thi Lam's opening statement to warm up the entire audience and inspire all with the future of City International Hospital which would become a prestigious medical center, meeting international standards. She hoped that in the near future, CIH would regularly organize meaningful programs for healthcare educational purposes to the community.

Next we have next we have Dr. Lucas, Chief executive officer of CIH, expressed his deep appreciation  for giving our hospital the opportunity to deliver such important knowledgeable messages to raise public awareness about this lethal but totally preventive and treatable cancer.

During the seminar, our powerful team of healthcare professionals (Dr. Nguyen Tan Cuong, Dr. Nguyen Phuoc Lam, Dr. Ha Thi Thanh Tuyen) presented to show the audience in depth understanding about Colorectal Cancer as well as early actions we could take to stay healthy and cancer free.

Dr. Nguyen Tan Cuong, Medical Director - Department of Gastroenterology 

Dr. Nguyen Phuoc Lam (Department of Endoscopy – Quality Assurance Deputy Director) were giving us early signs of Colorectal Cancer and instructions on how to properly use the at home Colorectal Cancer Screening Kit 

Dr Ha Thi Thanh Tuyen presenting Virtual Endoscopy

Dr Tran Thi My Loan and  Quiz game winners 

Guests registration

The Seminar ended in clear understanding and success, and City International Hospital still hand out free at-home Colorectal Cancer Screening Kits. Please call (8428) 6280 3333 for your Free Cancer Screening Kit or pick it up at City International Hospital.