Understanding the importance of the premarital health screening, many couples before their wedding take the time to research and choose a good trustworthy hospital to get a pre-marital screening for the healthy and happy family life.

Welcome to CIH’s Pre-marital Wellness

City International Hospital has been highly appreciated by patients and clients for our Gold Standards facilities in Healthcare, the international experience of our doctors, as well as our medical ethics and openness to innovative solutions. With Modern medical equipment and machinery, every couple coming to CIH will be examined thoroughly by professional specialists and get helped with the best general and personal health regimen. Especially, Price is affordable only at City International Hospital.


Screening includes: Man Lady
Medical consultation    
Gynecology Consult   x
Urology consult x  
Blood tests    
Full blood count x x
Blood group: ABO, Rh: Determination 1 x x
Diabetes Screening    
Fasting Blood Glucose x x
Kidney Function Tests    
Serum BUN x  
Serum Creatinine  x  
Liver Function Tests    
AST (Aspartate aminotransferase)  x  x
ALT (Alanine aminotransferase)  x  x
Urine analysis    
10 Parameter Urinalysis  x  x
Hepatitis screening    
HBs Ag (EIA) x x
HCV, AB (EIA) x x
Anti HCV x x
Other screening tests    
HIV-1/2 Antibody screening  x x
Syphilis, VDRL technic x x
Semen Analysis x  
Rubella IgG (EIA)   x
Rubella IgM (EIA)   x
Diagnostic radiology     
Abdominal ultrasound x x
Package Price 2,450,000 2,500,000


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Know the Importance of Pre-marital Medical Screening

If a premarital health checkup might sound unfamiliar to most couples in the past, nowadays; when facing a wealth of new and challenging environmental problems, the threat of toxic chemicals in food, etc. Premarital health check-up has been gaining importance overtime. Many couples considering marriage and starting a family, actively and excitedly get a premarital health checkup as an integral part of their wedding planning in order to identify potential health problems and risks for themselves and also their offspring.

At City International Hospital, Obstetricians believe this check-up is highly important because almost the entire married life of the couple can be based upon the results of this test. It offers on important health assessment of soon-to-be married couples in which they are tested for genetic, reproductive system, infectious and transmissible diseases for early detection and curative treatment to prevent any risk of transmitting any disease to each other and their children during pregnancy.

Therefore, a pre-marital health examination does not only show concerns of your health but also a manifestation of responsibility for your spouse, your children in particular and the family in general.

What check-ups are done in a premarital screening package?

In addition to a general health check-up such as body weight, cardiovascular and Blood Pressure Measurement, Couples who are given blood tests, Diabetes Urine Tests, and infectious diseases affecting their partner's health. HIV, syphilis, rubella, hepatitis B, C ..., from which, the doctor will evaluate and monitor health status as well as timely treatment to Happy Healthy Long Life for the couple before going into marriage.

Another question: When is the right time to conduct the premarital checkup? According to CIH Obstetricians, premarital checkup can basically be done anytime; however, the right time is three to six months before the wedding. Besides, married couples should have prenatal health checkups to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Nowadays, many unmarried couples and newlyweds are considering Pre-marital Medical Check-Up and prenatal health checkups before marriage or childbirth because everyone wishes to have a healthy, strong and happy marriage as well as raise an intelligent child and enhance the baby's cognitive development.

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