More than 80 mothers-to-be had the opportunity to get a closer understanding of normal birth and caesarean section and know what it could mean for mother and child to guide the patient in making a decision.

Sunday Morning September 16, 2018, another monthly prenatal class held by City International Hospital, topic centered on Natural Birth vs C-Section: which one to go for?, has welcomed more than 80 mothers-to-be and partners.  During the program, mothers and providers shared information and videos explaining facts and magical moments about both natural birth and caesarean section. Accordingly, Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology, analyzed the positive aspects as well as helped clarify some doubts and clues on which birth option is safer for you and your little one?

According to Dr. Xuyen, the last weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will examine mother’s health status. If both mother and baby are in great condition, mother’s pelvic floor is larger than the baby, the mothers can completely have virginal birth. In contrast, if there are abnormalities of the fetal heart, narrow pelvic cavity, early amniotic rupture but no signs of labor, mothers may be assigned surgery. Therefore, talk with your doctor and decide what suits you best.

After giving such a great presentation, Dr. Xuyen also gave good responses for so many questions and concerns from the audience such as Problems When Breastfeeding after a C-Section. All mothers have got piece in mind right after Dr. Xuyen explained that normal birth or caesarean section should not affect your breastfeeding. Pregnancy and birth naturally set things into motion to prepare and cause your breasts to make milk. Once your breasts are making milk, milk removal is what keeps your breasts making milk. However, the health effects of breastfeeding are well recognized and apply to mothers.

After Q&A with Dr. Xuyen, Ms. Ha Thi Mai – Head nurse of Obstetrics Department shared about breastfeeding experience:  How to Properly Breastfeed Your Baby, Infant first aid for choking... Lots of useful information were provided, especially for those who become moms for the very first time.

Pictures taken from September 16 Prenatal Class.

Guest Registration and welcoming gifts 

"Natural Birth  or C-Section"  most concerned topic

Team of Consultants for Maternity Packages at City International Hospital.

Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen – Head of OB/GYN Department at City International Hospital.

All mothers are getting piece in mind during Dr.Xuyen's presentaion

Ms. Ha Thi Mai - Head Nurse at OB/GYN Department

Breastfeeding Latch: Proper Positioning



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