In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, the last pair of which determines sex. When an individual has more than two chromosomes instead of a pair, the abnormal condition is called trisomy.

What is Verifi Plus prenatal Test?

The Verifi Plus prenatal test is the option for singleton pregnancies to provide more information about trisomies for all chromosomes as well as clinically significant microdeletions.

What kind of conditions can the Verifi prenatal test detect?

The Verifi prenatal test gives you information about whether there may be extra copies (trisomy) of chromosomes 21 (Down syndrome), 18 (Edwards syndrome) and 13 (Patau syndrome).

If the sex chromosome aneuploidies option is chosen, the Verifi prenatal test can also look for sex chromosome abnormalities, such as Turner syndrome, Triple X, Klinefelter syndrome and Jacobs syndrome. In addition, prenatal screening for Verifi Plus can also help detect delusional syndromes that Triple Tests cannot identify, such as DiGeorge Syndrome, Deleting Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Prader Willi Syndrome, Cri-Du-ChatSyndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. Therefore, screening for chromosomal abnormalities should be performed as soon as possible to build a healthy future.

Advantages of non-invasive prenatal screening:

  • Safety: Non-invasive blood tests (no Aniocentesis, no Chorionic Villus Sampling-CVS) and no risk of miscarriage, safe for mothers and babies.
  • Accuracy: Has the lowest test failure in its class (0.1%)—which means there is no need for additional blood draws. Proven superiority to traditional screening methods for the screening of common fetal aneuploidies, with reduced false positive rates (increased specificity) and increased positive predictive values (PPV)
  • Convenience: a simple, single blood draw (7-10 ml) from your arm—just 1 tube of blood is all that’s needed and can be drawn conveniently as early as 10 weeks.
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Verifi Plus Prenatal Test: all 23 pairs of chromosomes  x 
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Patient Preparation

  1. All health screening packages:

 For a fasting blood sugar test, do not eat or drink anything other than water for at least 8 hours before the blood sample is taken. It is best not to drink alcohol within 24 hours before taking the test.

  1. Clothing:

Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit consisting of loose clothing.

  1. Urine Tests

For Ladies, The optimal time for Urine Test is 3-5 days away from your menses.

Your bladder must be as full as possible; therefore, you must drink plenty of fluids but do not empty your bladder until the examination is completed.

  1. X-rays or CT for women of reproductive age (menstrual):
  • Not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or suspecting pregnancy.
  • Expecting pregnancy: consult a doctor before making a decision.
  • Not Expecting pregnancy: can be taken if the first 10 days of the menstrual period. If from the 11th day of the cycle: consult a doctor before making a decision.
  1. Gynecology And Pap Smear Preparation (For Ladies)

Please ensure that you are not menstruating or pregnant when your Pap smear test is being performed. (The optimal time for Pap smear test is 2 weeks after your last menses).

Please abstain from sexual intercourse 48 hours before the procedure. Avoid the use of vaginal creams, lubricant jellies, spermicides or vaginal medications and tampon usage 2 days before the test.

  1. Mammogram:

For best mammogram results, please schedule your appointment about one week after your last day of menstruation. On the day of the appointment, do NOT use talcum powder, deodorant or body lotion on the chest.

  1. Ultrasound Abdomen:

Drink plenty of water and do not urinate before your ultrasound.

  1. Ophthalmoscopy:
  • Eye drops will be used to widen (dilate) your pupils. This makes it easier to see the back of the eye. The eye drops take about 15 to 20 minutes to fully dilate the pupil.
  • You may have trouble focusing your eyes for 4-6 hours after the test (blurred vision and sensitivity to light). You may want to have someone drive you home after the test. You also will need to wear sunglasses when you go outside or into a brightly lit room. 

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