City International Hospital doctors have performed a successful webbed fingers and toes surgery for a 10,5-month-old baby in Gia Lai.

Looking at the lovely face of baby N.V.A.N. everyone feels sorry for her rare disease: the fingers and toes are fused together. According to H. L. (25 years old) – the mother of N.V.A.N, during pregnancy and ultrasound examination, she and her husband knew the unusual of their baby fingers and toes. When the baby is born, although sad, but they believed that their baby would undergone a surgery in order to have normal fingers and toes like other children.

When N.V.A.N turned 1 month old, the team doctors of City International Hospital performed the surgery to separate fingers in the right hand. On August 21, 2018, City International Hospital’s doctors continued the second surgery to separate the fingers of the left hand and the toes of the left foot. The surgery was successful, the baby is recovering well and an old dressing will be removed in the next few days.


N.'s right hand is normal after an operation when the baby was 1.5-month.

Satisfied with the second successful operation, H.L  - N.’s mother  proudly said that despite her  1- month baby has already undergone a surgery, N. seems to be well-behaved, less fussy, eat and sleep well. The second surgery on August 21 was good, although very painful but the baby was obedient, happy and extremely active.

At this time, N.'s grandmother shared: "Thank the team of doctors, nurses of City International Hospital has been very intensive, careful from the hospitalization, surgery until post-surgery. Rooms are spacious and comfortable for the baby and family. Again, thank you to the hospital and Dr. Nguyen Xuan Anh for the successful operation. "


N.V.A.N is playing with the mother after webbed fingers and toes surgery on the left on 21/08/2018.

Dr Nguyen Xuan Anh, who directly operated for N.V.A.N at City International Hospital, said: "N. congenital constriction syndrome - rare syndrome in baby, difficult to treat when one or more fingers or legs fused to the others, causing distortion leading to difficulties in walking, grasping and unpleasant appearance. Previously, when nearly 2 months old, N. was undergone a webbed finger surgery in the right hand. This is a difficult case because the baby is very young, so doctors have to consider carefully and treat for the baby in several times because the separation of blood vessels is very dangerous, the risk of necrosis after surgery is very high. However, we have to perform the surgery for the baby and we were glad when the operation was successful. "


After surgery, blood vessels circulate well, dry incision. And this treatment is divided into 2, 3 to 6 months apart will complete. Photo by Dr. Xuan Anh.

Dr. Nguyen Xuan Anh also shared that congenital constriction syndrome - amniotic band syndrome is formed when the fetus in the womb, which constricts fingers, limbs effect the blood flow to nourish the hands and the feet. Until now, it has not been possible to determine the cause of this rare disease. Children with this disease will be difficult to treat when one or more fingers or legs fused to the others, causing distortion leading to difficulties in walking, grasping and unpleasant appearance.


The team of doctors operated for N. at City International Hospital. Photo by Dr. Xuan Anh.

"The disease occurs during fetal development, when the amniotic bands constrict digits, limbs, or other parts of the fetus, causing the part of the fetus to fail to circulate. Even if the amniotic bands constrict tightening can lead to loss of limbs, defects such as syndactyly, camptodactyly/ clinodactyly. If the amniotic bands constrict to the head, face or neck, it can progress to defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate. It is more dangerous if amniotic bands attach to the umbilical cord or the body can cause miscarriage. "Dr. Nguyen Xuan Anh said.

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