August 20, 2018, City International Hospital successfully performed 2 major surgeries: caesarean section and caesarean section a woman in her 37.5 weeks of pregnancy from Tien Giang Province.

Afternoon, August 19, 2018, a 31-year-old pregnant woman (Tien Giang Province) hospitalized vomiting and suffering from a severe hip pain must be suspected of acute appendicitis accompanied by signs of labor. Morning August 20, the woman got diagnosed with appendicitis after MRI and Ultrasound, while the fetus had symptoms of umbilical cord compression and premature decompression. After consultation, our doctors decided to proceed to first perform a c-section with anesthesia, then Appendectomy.

At 3:45 p.m. same day, performing the surgery was Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen - Head of OB/GYN Department at City International Hospital, the little got saved successfully with 2.785 grams in body weight, good health. A little later at 4:15 p.m., Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh - General surgery performed a 2-hour-appendectomy to save the mother. She is now recovering well with a good health status.

Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen and her team were performing a C-section for patient Đ.N.D.T.

Explaining in-depth of this case to us, Dr Tran Thi Kim Xuyen - Head of OB/GYN Department, City International Hospital shared: "Ms. Đ.N.D.T. hospitalized Aug. 20 afternoon. suffering from symptoms of nausea, severe right hip pain with signs of water breaking. Aug. 20, she was given ultrasound and MRI scans. The results show that she has acute appendicitis and the doctor indicates an endoscopic appendectomy. However, follow-up showed that CTG (fetal histogram and uterine contractions) showed signs of umbilical pressure, amniotic fluid more than 20 hours without clear signs of labor. The pressure at that time was on our team of doctors from Surgery department and OB/GYN department, by all means they had to find the best solution for both the mother and the unborn baby. C-section or appendectomy which one to go first? If we start with performing appendectomy, the baby would be in danger since the mother would be way too worn out after appendectomy. On the other hand, if the cesarean section together with an appendectomy is performed, the possibility of a serious complication of the uterus is dangerous to the mother, as it is possible that the woman will have severe uterine inflammation, in a more severe case we might have to remove uterus.

In case of complications, the doctor was very careful about possible problems such as infections, fetal distress ... Finally the team decided to have a cesarean section first, then surgery to remove the appendix."

Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen - Head of OB/GYN Department at City International Hospital

Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, general surgeon expressed “After diagnosing the acute appendicitis, we know that surgery of removal is mandatory. Appendicitis surgery in pregnant patients, especially large fetuses, is a lot more difficult. Usually, the appendectomy will be performed first, and then labor will carefully maintained to complete a normal full term of pregnancy. However, in this case, we saw that the appendix has pus, necrosis at one end. Therefore, it is dangerous for mother and baby if we wait any longer.

Symptoms of acute appendicitis are easily confused with labor induction. If appendicitis occurs simultaneously with an obstetric event, diagnosis and treatment will be difficult and complicated. "

Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh - General Surgery Dept, City International Hospital

Talking to the patient, she said she felt pain in the lower abdomen and thought it was a sign of early labor. She felt fortunate that she came to the hospital in time and both mother and baby got perfectly saved. She’s speechlessly thankful for what her doctors and the entire healthcare team had done for the two

August 23-healthy patient D.N.D.T  and her baby.

Right now the two has been doing perfectly well and looking forward to being discharged soon if things going well.

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