Sunday morning June 24th, more than almost 100 expectant mothers joined “Important Screening Tests During Pregnancy" Prenatal Seminar held by City International Hospital in a fun and caring atmosphere.
A Meaningful and family-like Prenatal Seminar
Mothers being consulted by a caring customer service team

Attending the seminar, Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen, MD, MSc, Head Of Obstetrics Department, International City Hospital, provided full information about antenatal screening tests. Then, Dr. Le Minh Quang, MD, MSc, General Internal Medicine - Diabetes gave very clear and informative knowledge of gestational diabetes as well as Important precautions and prevention for a happy healthy pregnancy. 

“Important Screening Tests During Pregnancy"  by Dr. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen
" Gestational Diabetes" by Dr. Le Minh Quang
Especially during the event, all mothers attended have got free gifts and discount offers from City International Hospital and Gilco which are 10% Discount off the cost of the standard maternity package, 1 night hospital stay free and a “Japanese parenting style” goodie bag. Very Interestingly we had of yoga practice section with one of  the most professional and enthusiastic Yoga Coach at The Golden heart Yoga and Meditation Center Vietnam. Last but not least, we took all mothers and their partners on a hospital tour to CIH Delivery Room and Post Delivery Room.
Signing up for Delivery and Prenatal Screening Packages at City International Hospital and getting Special Discount Offer
During pregnancy, regular checkups are very important. This consistent care can help keep expectant mothers and their babies healthy, spot problems if they occur, and prevent problems during delivery. Furthermore, based on screening test results, the doctors are able to give accurate consultations and in time treatments which best ensure the safety of mother and baby.

Later on in the seminar, Dr. Le Minh Quang Department of General Internal Medicine/Diabetes, gave a clear view and understanding of Gestational diabetes which has been affecting more and more women. Particularly. 20% of pregnant women in Vietnam experience diabetes complications during pregnancy that’s why According to Dr. Le Minh Quang, CIH Department of General Internal Medicine/Diabetes and Genomic medicine, “Gestational diabetes needs to be monitored through blood glucose monitoring, healthy diet regimens and regular physical activities. About 10-20% of pregnant women with diabetes need extra insulin to control their blood sugar but no more after birth.

Q&A with CIH Professionals
Also at the seminar, mothers had the opportunities to make questions and bring up as many health concerns that they had and get right-away professional advice.
yoga practice section with one of  the most professional and enthusiastic Yoga Coach
Hospital tour to Delivery room and Post-Delivery room
The seminar ended well, with satisfaction and calmness for all mothers -to-be. Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Hong Nga said: "I am very happy to take part in this  prenatal. Class as the staff of City International Hospital has been so welcoming and all of the knowledge provided is so useful. I also feel well taken care and guided to  the delivery room and post-delivery rooms which are clean, modernly designed with comfort facilities. I feel safe that’s why my husband and I decided to welcome our dear child here at City International Hospital, so we’re excited.”