Thuy Van, Miss Vietnam 1st Runner-Up who has had a gentle, smoth and safe journey to give birth at City International Hospital. After the mother's memorable moments, Thuy Van had sweet sharing about her first love child, the doctor's team who delivered the birth and the team of doctors and nurses at City International Hospital dedicated to taking care of help mothers recover quickly and the baby stay healthy.

We at the Hospital also want to thank Miss Thuy Van and her family for their trust by choosing CIH as a reliable place to welcome your first child. Below is the "love letter" from Thuy Van to her little angel with the sweet and cute feelings of a mother.


Mama Thuy Van was lucky to have such an easy natural labor, so after 2 days we've already home. Although it was only 2 short days, thanks to the team of doctors and nurses at City CIH International Hospital taking care of us to ensure that we feel good and healthy and especially I recovered very quickly, after 2 hours of birth, I was able to walk normally.

After 2 days of hospitalization, I felt like going on vacation (except during the time of labor, but her grandparents were right, the birth pain forgot very quickly hihi). The doctors came to visit regularly to ensure the health of mother and baby, and the nurses were extremely friendly and cute, guiding me on how to take care of the baby little by little because she probably knew that the first child did not have much. experience. I was instructed to breastfeed and take care of her baby and how to get her mother back in shape quickly.

The facilities are a fantastic spot, the hospital has dedicated one floor to the Obstetrics Department so a sense of privacy and the air purification and infection control system are powerful to create the best resuscitation environment. Not only myself but the two mothers in the next room also like it. Nearly all of the necessary services in the hospital are available, although nurses are always very enthusiastic.

What I likes most is the hospital's postpartum services. The baby was showered every morning and watched at night, helping me to recover quickly, I was able to relax after giving birth in the hospital without having to wait to come home.

Mama would like to thank everyone in CIH hospital. Everyone kept saying that giving birth is as easy as I did which took only 2 hours into labor, so they would do that every year hihi, but maybe next year there will be a princess, but now I love you. Hopefully at that time, I will also have wonderful birth experiences.

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