Our expectation in a mom's labor journey is a full-time care and pleasure birth experience, City International Hospital designs its maternity packages compliance with The New Experience of “Childbirth and vacation" Model to ensure a memorable, comfortable experience and the best postpartum recovery environment for the health of Moms and Little Angels.

In the experiential journey of "Childbirth & Vacation", the Hospital prepares delivery baskets, nutritious meals, provides services such as family lunch, shampoo & massage spa, night care for babies, a mini library… for expectant mothers during childbirth. More specifically, we also provide transport support to drive you and your family home safely after birth as a thank you gift after a journey of giving birth here. The hospital offers 02 free transport choices, 16-seat car or Grab taxi - One of our strategic partners. With our resort-style facilities, the Hospital can meet your needs for transportation, creating convenience, comfort and peace of mind for you and your family.

After your body "exhausted", you need a period of rest to regain strength. Sometimes due to the situation, some pregnant mothers are not ready to take care of their baby at night in the first few days. Understanding this, the hospital provides a service "baby care at night" from 9:00 pm the night before to 7:00 am the next morning by professional midwives at the obstetric department. Not only taking care of the baby at night, every morning midwives will assist in bathing the baby, changing diapers, taking care of the umbilical cord ... fathers and families can record live clips to know how to take care of the baby after coming home. . The hospital also supports additional baby bath and umbilical care at home when you are not confident to "practice" taking care of your baby alone. Parents can also participate in the free Antenatal classes held by the Hospital every month to share knowledge about nutrition, pregnancy, necessary tests during pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby care practices. 

In addition, to create the best health care and recovery environment for pregnant women, the hospital not only strictly complies with ERAS standards on keeping the birth room (operating room) warm, early mobilization, proper nutrition, strict infection control ... but also provides relaxing corners for reading books and spa services, shampooing & massage for mothers right at the maternity ward's boarding room to help reduce stress for mothers in the days of giving birth. The hospital also promotes the form of family work together, meaning that a relative who is a husband or mother will go to the delivery room to serve as spiritual support and share the process of labor with the pregnant mother.

According to survey results carried out at the hospital, pregnant mothers whose families are at their side to take care from prenatal check-ups, antenatal classes to delivery ... most of them recover quickly and easily. milk, feeling happy after the process of excess.

In the resort-style model at City International Hospital, we design full health service packages from the time of prenatal screening, delivery to baby care with vaccination packages, screening. for postpartum babies and umbilical cord blood storage service upon your request.

In addition, the hospital also organizes a series of monthly prenatal classes to provide essential knowledge for parents during pregnancy and childbirth, with special gifts for attendants such as 10% discount on check-up & delivery packages, delivery gift baskets, no fee is charged for One-day hospital room and 1 meal (except VIP room)….

During 6 years of operation, the obstetrics and gynecology department has welcomed birth of 2,048 babies and taken care of pediatrics with more than 72,149 visits and received positive feedback from more than 2,000 pregnant mothers who were born here to continue to improve. further improved service. The “Parental Birth” model is designed and built based on these comments and is also a gift that we want to give back to pregnant mothers who have trusted in hospital choice.

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