Babies cannot tell their parents that they have a bowel discomfort, but it is easy for them to notice that their child is constipated and that will affect them. So what to do for children?

Causes of constipation

Constipation in infants is due to the fact that breast milk has a lot of nutrients so sometimes the baby's body can absorb most, leaving only a very little part discharged into the digestive tract. So, breastfed babies can be perfectly normal when having a bowel movement once a week.

Some children may have slower bowel movements, they have occasional bowel movements, but they are still completely normal unless they show signs of pain or discomfort.

In rare cases, children have a real constipation problem such as: muscle sphincter disorder or intestinal obstruction.

Constipation caues babies exessive crying.

So how do mothers know there is constipation in infants?

Infant constipation is not just about how many times a day the child passes bowel movements per day or per week, but also how the baby defecates. If your baby has soft stools, he is easy to have a bowel movement, then he'll still have a bowel movement every 4-5 days. Therefore, the mother should take her to see a doctor when:

  • The baby feels uncomfortable every time he has a bowel movement.
  • Hard stools.
  • Bloody stools or black stools
  • Do not have bowel movements at least 1 time every 5 days.
  • A doctor's advice helps relieve constipation in children

According to City Pediatricians, City International Hospital, if your baby is exclusively breastfed and has constipation, she needs to review her diet. Need to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water to keep the milk cool. If your baby is bottle-fed, you should exchange another formula for your baby after seeing a doctor. Remember, constipation is not a cause for stopping breast milk.

In addition, give children a little more dark colored water such as prune or pear juice, or a little more water if they are> 4 months old, but not more than 50ml / day.

In case of a baby with slow bowel movements, it is possible for newborns to have a bowel movement every 5 days because their intestines are not fully developed and the amount of waste in milk is not high. Unlike adults, eating more food, more fiber, more waste should have a bowel movement every day or 2 days. Therefore, if the mother has a child with constipation should not be too worried. To improve this situation, you should exclusively breastfeed and breastfeed many times a day (maybe 1-2 hours at a time). You need to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, drink plenty of water and juice to have more fiber in breast milk. If the condition of slow bowel movements is accompanied by a lot of bloating and vomiting, it is necessary to see a pediatrician.

Pediatric examination hours at City International Hospital

From April 15, 2020, City International Hospital adjusts the examination time as follows:

  • During office hours:

The Pediatric Clinic seeks from Monday morning to Saturday morning (7:00 am - 12:00 pm). Afternoon break.
Make an appointment: (028) 6280 3333. Extension 0.

  • After hours:

Please take your child to 24/7 Emergency Department for a doctor's examination.
Emergency Call: (028) 6290 1155.

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