Keeping the body warm might not be enough, supplementing the right nutrition from milk is the key for mothers to help their children through the healthy delivery days.

Every year, the season of delivery is the time when the number of children admitted to the hospital increases, the main cause is weak resistance, weakened immune system. This is also the time when mothers' concerns about helping their children to have a healthy immune system from the first years of life are concerned and searched for.

Seasons change - the immune system

Many mothers still compare, the immune system as a "bodyguard" quietly protecting the health of children. If you look deeper, this comparison is not wrong, because the immune system is a network of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs, helping to protect people against harmful bacteria and microorganisms. survive in habitat.

For young children, the immune system is not fully developed like that of adults. Each child will receive maternal antibodies while still in the fetus, then through breast milk through the mechanism of "passive immunity". However, these antibodies will decline rapidly over time. That makes children more vulnerable to attacks by bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from the surrounding environment, especially during the intervening season.

Season changing is when the child's immune system is weakened.

Explaining this problem, many experts said, the time of the season, hot and humid weather, the air temperature changes abnormally between day and night, sometimes hot suddenly suddenly turns quickly to cold making the body young. small is difficult to adapt. In addition to weak resistance, the incomplete immune system makes children susceptible to bacteria, viruses invading and causing illness. Called erectile dysfunction, but they are not "petty" at all, because if the mother neglects, the disease will cause complications that make the treatment more complicated and harder for both mother and baby.

Not to mention, when the child is constantly sick, the easier it is to fall into the vicious circle: Decreased health, anorexia, prolonged fatigue, weight loss, poor resistance, from which the more likely to continue to suffer.

Boost your immune system

In order to keep children away from disease at the time of changing seasons, help their children improve their resistance, strengthen the immune system, many mothers still have to hear each other to let their children exercise and exercise a lot. In essence, creating a regular and reasonable exercise regime for children is essential, but not enough.

Increasing resistance for children needs to be done in many ways. First, mothers should not abuse antibiotics but let children get enough sleep. When getting enough sleep, the baby's body will be healthy, increasing immunity. Every day, babies in the newborn stage need about 18 hours of sleep, toddlers need 12 to 13 hours of sleep and preschoolers need about 10 hours.

In addition, maintaining a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet also plays a crucial role, as 80% of the child's immunity in the intestinal tract. The right diet will help the child's intestinal tract be healthy, absorb maximum nutrients, help develop comprehensively.

Nutritional supplement - the key to helping children stay healthy when the season comes.

Pediatric examination hours at City International Hospital

From April 15, 2020, City International Hospital adjusts the examination time as follows:

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Please take your child to 24/7 Emergency Department for a doctor's examination.
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