Looking at the little angels born at City International Hospital, the fathers cannot hide the happiness when they first hugged their babies.

As a man, the father also cannot restrain the feeling of joy when he sees the baby after 9 months 10 days waiting. He has saved the moments for the first time they saw his babies – sacred images, filled with joy, happiness.

Nguyen Xuan Vinh - a father shows his newborn daughter at International City Hospital

Fathers sometimes show less emotion than mothers. However, the moment of official becoming fathers also makes them difficult to resist the joy or the tears. Let's look at the pictures "showing babies" by the father himself!

A father shared his child "peaceful sleep" in happiness


The newborn whose nickname is Cherry was born on December 12th is lovely when in the arms of parents

Picture of Bong 2 days old shared by Nguyen Thanh Hieu

The first day of birth is certainly one of the most memorable days of the baby as well as family. Father Nguyen Minh Trung – together with his wife to overcome the journey of giving birth, captured the arrival of his baby moments.

Sacred moment of mother and her child

A moment of his son is shared by the father on the social network

Look! If the father and his child look alike

At the City International Hospital, after birth if the baby cry immediately and without any respiratory problems will be "Skin to skin" with his/her mother. This is the method that newborn is lying on his/her mother's breast immediately after birth. Baby is dry, obtaining sputum if necessary, cut the umbilical cord will after 2 - 3 minutes to make full use of blood in the mother’s placental. Continue and do not interrupt this process for at least 1 hour, which can last for 2 hours. This method helps the baby develop the senses, help her mother create milk, create a safe environment, ensure the baby's body temperature like the baby still in the womb. Here, the hospital supports the family, the husbands and future fathers experience together with their wife to give birth, in order to strengthen the family love.

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