Ms P.T.T (28 years old, HCMC) has just given birth to a boy and shared her happiness at City International Hospital.

Carrying the boy in her arm after a long journey to give birth, Ms P.T.T (28 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City) said that 9 months 10 days pregnant and welcomed the arrival of baby was the best experience for her.

It is more special when the baby is born near the end of the old year 2017 and the beginning of the new year. Ms. Thu shared the emotion when she first saw her son: "I felt so overwhelming when officially carrying him on my arm. Every mother who first saw her child has a different feeling but has a common which is a happiness, satisfaction after painful hours struggling with labor pain. Just one more day to go through 2018, in the new year my family will be full of happiness to have this little angel.”


Ms.T.T happily watched her son sleeping


The mother had a hard time to welcome her beloved baby

Mother and son's sacred moments

The boy was born at 7:20 pm on 27/12/2017 at City International Hospital

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