There are many common causes of excessive crying in babies, typically cause by digestive disorders. Parents need to find out the causes for proper treatment.

Reasons babies cry and how to handle

The first thing parents need to do is to determine whether babies are hungry by feeding their baby or letting them eat slowly until they are full, because they will not stop crying as soon as they are eating. Next, check their diaper if it is wet or dirty. Because babies love to be dry, comfortable, they will cry when wet diapers cause discomfort. Next, check the temperature of the environment around the baby. If the temperature is too cold, warm up with thicker clothing or wrap the baby in a blanket. On the other hand, if the room temperature is too high, the baby will feel hot, uncomfortable. Therefore, parents need to be flexible in choosing the right baby clothes.

Sometimes playing, laughing too much with family members or going to the amusement park, the baby will cry longer than usual. Because the baby is overloaded by receiving too much stimulation from the outside such as light, noise, many people caring, touching ... At this time, parents should take the child to a quiet place, cool air or lull baby to sleep. If the child is constantly crying not because of any above reasons, this may be a problem with his or her health. Besides a headache, fever or cold, the baby often cry when the abdominal pain, especially because of digestive disorders with symptoms such as flatulence, bloating, abdominal pain ... In addition, children may have some insect bites such as ants, fleas, mosquitoes, causing itching and swelling. Immediately bring the baby to the children's health center as soon as detected for promptly diagnosis and treatment.

Some ways to soothe baby

There are variety reasons of crying, therefore, there are many methods that can be used by parents to soothe their baby. However, according to Specilist at the Pediatrics Department of City International Hospital: “When applying any methods, parents should maintain that method for several days before changing into other methods. The most important is that parents need to determine which method is appropriate for their child."

  • Stroking, caressing the baby: Father or mother will pat, embrace baby close to his/her body so that he/she can feel the warmth, massage or wrap the child in warm blanket to calm down.
  • Talk and move the baby: You can swing your baby lightly on the arm, carry him around the house, and at the same time hum a tune or talk to him. This will calm down and lessen crying.

Give the baby something he/she likes: It can be a teddy bear, a pillow. At the same time you play with the baby, trying to distract him/her from crying.

However, if the baby is crying because of poor health, parents need to have the knowledge and experience to handle it properly. Couples with first-born, less experienced, will not understand the signs of the baby. Ms. Trang (29 years old), living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, said: "For the first time, I and my husband are very clumsy. Once, when my daughter was three months old, I did not understand why she was constantly crying for more than an hour after eating, cannot soothe her, we had to take her to City International Hospital. After carrying the baby, the doctor patted and rubbed her back for a while, a few minutes later she belched and gradually stopped crying.”

After trying all of these methods, the baby is still crying for unknown reasons, the parents should take the child to visit the hospital, medical center, to be diagnosed by doctors, and find the causes to have an appropriate treatment.

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