There is no scientific evidence to prove that nCoV can be transmitted from mother to child, but as a general rule, an infectious disease caused by anything other than corona, can be good flu. other diseases ... the effects on pregnancy are usually at a very early stage.


Due to the serious nature of the nCoV outbreak. Many pregnant mothers are extremely worried about whether there is a mechanism for transmission from mother to child.

 Assoc.Prof.Dr.Tran Danh Cuong, Director of the National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Hanoi Medical University said: "There is no scientific evidence to prove that the virus can be transmitted from mother to child but I recommend that, as a general rule, an infectious disease of any kind, not corona, whether it be influenza or another disease ... then effects on pregnancy are common at very early stages, in first week, first 3 months. Those effects are a consequence, not a direct one."

Pregnant women need to protect the health of both mother and baby from corona epidemic.

 Firstly, it is the temperature. Most mothers infected with fever when infected. If the temperature is too high or the fever persists the fetus, it is mandatory to reduce the fever. Do not let the fever last longer.

 Secondly, the toxins of viruses often affect the development of pregnancy according to the rule of "all or nothing". All means that the fetus may be damaged by the effects of the toxin too strong. If not, it means there is no problem.

 Thirdly, the coronavirus specificity is the cause of very severe pneumonia. Especially for pregnant women, the immunity is relatively reduced, but pneumonia will lead to respiratory failure, lack of oxygen. It is this that will affect fetal development such as stillbirth due to lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen can cause disruptive pregnancy development, not because of a virus.

 In summary, there is currently no evidence that corona vius can be transmitted directly to a baby, mostly indirectly through the three problems.

How do we behave towards a woman who is pregnant while being positive for nCoV? 

Current treatments for pregnant women infected with corona virus are aimed at ensuring the safety of the mother's health.

 With these patients we have coronavirus treatment and pregnancy. After corona treatment we screen the fetus just like normal pregnancies. 12 weeks of testing, ultrasound, screening to see if the baby has any abnormalities, abnormalities that can be random for those women, not necessarily due to corona virus and we do it fully. Fetal-like screening procedures like the Hospital are still bringing pregnant women to the clinic.

 Pregnant women should not be too worried, still have to have regular prenatal check-ups according to the doctor's appointment because all medical facilities have adequate measures to prevent and control epidemics.

 In addition, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Quang Binh - Deputy Medical Director, Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Respiratory said, pregnant women infected with corona virus can lead to miscarriage, premature birth ... So, Pregnant women need to protect themselves by getting enough nutrients, getting enough rest, wearing masks and washing their hands often. The general recommendation is that pregnant women should not go to a crowded place if not absolutely necessary.

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