During pregnancy, every movements of the mother can create certain effects on the baby. Many routine habits of pregnant women seem to be simple but have a great influence on the development of the baby. The following are bad habits that Tran Thi Kim Xuyen, M.D, MSc, a specialist in obstetrics at City International Hospital advised mom to stop.

Use stimulants regularly

It is not just alcohol, beer and cigarettes but even coffee is considered harmful to the fetus. However, this is one of the most popular drinks, especially for women officer. Even for some people, just one day without a cup of coffee, they will feel dizzy, uncomfortable. In order for the fetus to develop comprehensively, mothers should limit this habit because coffee can interfere with the absorption of iron as well as the body's nutrients.

Unhealthy eating

Sushi, shashimi or raw foods are a popular cultural feature of Japan. However, raw or undercooked foods may contain many types of harmful bacteria such as E. coli, listeria, campylobacter, salmonella ... These are the causes of miscarriage and premature birth in pregnant women. Women should minimize the consumption of raw unprocessed foods, even ordinary dishes such as beef noodle soup, beef steak, raw beef with lemon ...

Sedentary Lifestyle

Not only during pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle is also a bad habit in the ordinary life of each person, may be due to the work, time factors as well as daily activities do not allow. However, during pregnancy, changing this habit is a must. Sedentary lifestyle not only affects the health of the mother such as body aches, birth problems as well as long recovery after birth but even the mental health of the child is also affected badly.

Wrong sleeping posture - Sleep late

For pregnant women, in the first 3 months, when the baby's tummy is small, the force on the mother's body is not significant so the pregnant woman can sleep with many poses. However, in the following months, the woman should lie on her left side to relieve pressure on the arteries, pelvic and spine areas, and improve blood flow, providing the nutrients to the fetus. .

In addition, due to her work some mothers often stay up late, resulting in physical and mental health of both mother and child are affected badly. In addition, in the last months of pregnancy, the pressure of the fetus weighs on the veins of the lower body, which causes swelling, an appropriate sleep will relieve the pressure.

Using inappropriate cosmetics

Pregnant women should only wear light makeup of prestige, quality cosmetics, and should be derived from nature. Limit the use of certain types of harmful cosmetics during pregnancy, especially high lead in lipsticks, Coal tar hair dyes or types of unknown nail polish contain many harmful chemicals will accidentally go into the body, severely affect the fetus, increase the risk of birth defects.

Wear high heels

It cannot be denied that the beauty that high heels bring to the woman. However, some obvious risks such as muscle strain, swelling of the legs, hip pain or fall are potential risks to foetal derangement or miscarriage. It is best for pregnant women to stop using high heels during pregnancy to minimize negative effects on the body as well as unwanted accidents.

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