Beside pregnancy concerns such as whether the baby has developed properly, whether the mother has too much or too little amniotic fluid, baby in a wrong position or not, etc., breech pregnancy is also one of the issues that the mothers concern.

Normally, when the 32-week-old fetus turns head, the baby's head lies in the pelvis of the mother, which is normal pregnancy and most likely the mother will be born naturally. However, in some cases, the baby may turn his buttocks or legs upside down. This is called a breech birth.

Master - Doctor Tran Thi Kim Xuyen, Head of Obstetrics & gynecology Department of City International Hospital with many years of knowledge and experience in the profession has answered the questions about breech pregnancy, umbilical cord blood, preserving stem cell of diseases during pregnancy at Pregnancy experienced workshop "Giving birth is different now" organized by City International Hospital.

A mother who is 36- week pregnant asked the question, "Should breech pregnancy be natural birth delivery or caesarean?" The mother also said that she wanted to give birth naturally but her doctor advised caesarean; the anxiety about being in the isolation room to digest all antibiotics in the first hours after giving birth; Baby not breastfeeding at birth, have to use power milk?

Dr. Kim Xuyen has answered: natural birth delivery or caesarean depends on the medical doctor. However, natural birth delivery is always better, because the baby move down toward the birth canal of the mother, discharge the secretions in the lungs and cysts. The risk of asphyxia is limit postpartum. In the vagina of women there are many beneficial germs. Your baby will have access to a range of beneficial germs to increase resistance.

Mothers choose caesarean section is usually breech birth (usually fetus turns head during the 39th - 40th week. If in the last stage, it is still breech birth, the doctor will recommend caesarean section. During pregnancy examination, the heavy weight of the fetus, asymmetry between fetal weight and maternal pelvis, is also consulted by the doctor to have caesarean section. Caesarean indication is also common when multiple pregnancies or abnormalities threaten the baby's life during labor, or the mother carries a certain disease.

Crowded families attended the workshop "Giving Birth is different now"

The question of a pregnant mother about weaning for a second pregnancy: "Can I breastfeed during my pregnancy? Will that affect the fetus and the baby is not growing up?" Dr. Kim Xuyen explained: "When a pregnant mother, the stimulation on the chest can create contractions of the uterus. In the first stage of pregnancy, the fetus is not firmly attached can lead to miscarriage. . In the last stage of pregnancy, contractions cause premature birth. For older children, one year old baby can wean, breast milk is no longer provide full of nutrients as the baby's first birth. And the amount of hormones produced during pregnancy is also transferred to breast milk. "

Other questions have been raised by many mothers and families, such as "Does the baby exceed the standard, can the mother adjust the diet or not? When the fetus is big, at 37 weeks can the mother deliver or wait until 40 weeks to have a caesarean? "

Master - Doctor Tran Thi Kim Xuyen, Head of Obstetrics & gynecology Department of City International Hospital shared at the 37th week pregnant even the first pregnancy should not be stimulate to giving birth. The baby should be born after 9 months 10 days, unless the pregnancy affects the health of the mother. At the 37th week pregnant, even if it is a breech birth, if the baby is born, the baby may have pulmonary hypertension, respiratory failure and death. "

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