No matter where you are in your pregnancy, whether you’ve just found out or have been pregnant for a while now, what you eat is a factor in having a healthy pregnancy.

Nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important because it is the basis for fetal development. Healthy mothers will help the fetus to absorb enough nutrients necessary to develop during pregnancy. Therefore, the pregnant women need to maintain a healthy diet, rich in nutrients to gain weight and  most effective way to help the fetus develop.

Essential nutrients for fetal development

Protein not only helps the fetus to grow healthier but also boosts the production of breast milk, so mothers cannot ignore protein in the diet. At this stage, both animal and plant protein are essential for the body. Animal protein can be supplemented through meat, fish, eggs, and milk; Plant protein is found in pumpkin, sunflower, and pea seeds.

Fat helps fetal brain development and helps the mother's body absorb vitamins better. You should pay attention to foods that provide healthy fats like olive oil, butter, peanuts, and natural nuts instead of saturated fats from fast foods.

 Starch is an indispensable substance, but mothers should not consume too much in the body in the last months of pregnancy. Daily intake of just enough starch from rice, cereals, potatoes, cassava, ... to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes.

 Fiber, by the 8th month of pregnancy, women may experience some symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, indigestion, so the intake of fiber from vegetables is extremely necessary for the human body. mother.

 Vitamins, minerals such as Vitamin C, iron and calcium are essential for helping the fetus develop strong bones. Because when the baby is born, the calcium from the body will transfer to the child, so the addition of calcium also helps the mother reduce the risk of osteoporosis later. These substances can be supplemented by fruits, vegetables, and tofu.

 Talking about foods should be limited during pregnancy in the last months of pregnancy, Dr. Quach Van shared, pregnant should avoid using in such as greasy fried foods (foods high in saturated fat) , canned foods that are poor in nutrition, restaurants that do not guarantee food safety, food that is too salty, raw or undercooked, hot and spicy, fish high in mercury (sharks, tuna) , swordfish, king mackerel), drinks that contain caffeine and alcohol.

In addition, in the last 3 months of pregnancy, mothers' meals should be divided into small meals to avoid putting pressure on the digestive organs of the body. In the last 3 months of pregnancy, the amount of water that mothers need to drink a day is about 2- 2.5 liters. Drinking plenty of water will reduce constipation symptoms and help your body metabolize more smoothly. When drinking water should not drink too much at once, but should take small sips and moderate supplements should not depend too much because it will put pressure on the digestive system and make the symptoms of constipation worse.

 The last three months are the most important and sensitive time in pregnancy, so a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet for pregnant women is essential to help mothers give birth smoothly.

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