According to the World Stroke Organization, about 15 million people globally have a stroke each year, of which more than 5 million become permanently disabled, and 6.5 million die. In Vietnam, there are about 200,000 new stroke cases each year with:

  • 20% of deaths
  • 80% of cases leave severe neurological sequelae, of which about 30% of cases cannot recovered.

The disease can happen to anyone at any age and tends to get younger. Stroke is especially dangerous because its high risk of death ranks first among nervous system diseases. Even if emergency treatment is successful, the patient may develop lifelong post-stroke sequelae, accompanied by a high recurrence rate and substantial treatment costs. How can we protect the health of ourselves and our loved ones against the risk of stroke? We invite valued colleagues to watch the livestream program "The golden key to prevent stroke"

Speaker: Tran Thi Mai Thy, MD, Mmed - Neurologist

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