Good health is a process which enhances your physical well-being enabling you to engage in Social, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of life. It is a luxury - we guarantee this to all our Clients. City International Hospital is dedicated to offer you  a wide range of General Health Screening Packages, tailor-made to suit the specifically individual needs and to cover all age groups and both the genders, arranged from basic to executive, will detects the hidden ailments and gives you timely warning to get specific treatment to arrest these conditions and avoid future complications.

At City International Hospital, our team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals aim to provide a complete range of health care to patients of all ages and from all walks of life. 

City Care Diamond Package (Married Female)

   City Care Diamond (Married Female) 
 Medical Consultation   
- Clinical Examination x
- ENT Consult x
- Dental Consult x
- Ophthalmology Consult x
- Urology consult x
Ear endoscopy x
Nose endoscopy x
Throat endoscopy x
 Blood test   
Blood group: ABO, Rh: Determination 1 x
Iron, serum x
 Diabetes Study   
Glucose, blood (fasting)  x
HbA1C (Glycated Hb) x
 Kidney Study   
Creatinine, blood x
 Liver Study   
AST (Aspartate aminotransferase) x
ALT (Alanine aminotransferase) x
GGT (Gamma Glutamyl transferase) x
Bilirubin, blood (total, direct and indirect) x
Protein, total, blood x
Alkalin phosphatase x
Albumin x
Electrolyte, blood (Na+, K+, Cl , Ca++) x
Bone & Joint Study   
Ca total, blood x
Uric acid, blood x
 Urine Analysis   
Urinalysis (10 analytes) x
 Lipid Study   
Cholesterol Total  x
HDL-Cholesterol x
LDL-Cholesterol x
Triglyceride x
 Hepatitis study   
HAV Ab Total (EIA) x
HBs Ab (quantitative) x
HBsAg (EIA) x
HBc Ab total x
HCV Ab (EIA) x
Other screening   
HIV-1/2 Antibody screening  x
Syphilis, VDRL technic x
Vitamine D3 total x
Ferritin x
Folate x
Vitamine B12 x
H Pylori breath test C13 x
Dental clean and polishing (level 1) x
Ocular fundus exam x
 Thyroid study   
TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) x
Free T3 x
Free T4 x
Cardiac Study   
Cardiac Consult x
Echocardiography x
Duplex of carotid and vertebral artery x
Abdomino-Pelvis US x
Thyroid US x
Chest CT scan W/O contrast x
Brain MRI W/O contrast x
Gynaecology study   
Gynecology Consult x
Papanicolaou smear x
HPVgenotype-PCR-ELISA  x
Vaginal discharge fresh smear x
Breast US  x
FOB (Faecal Occult Blood) (rapid test) x
 Listed price  21,265,000
 Sellling price  17,850,000

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 Always consult your doctor regarding any concern about your health. Your doctor will be in the best position to give the appropriate medical advice. For suspected undesirable drug reaction and seek medical attention immediately.