HCMC Health Department - Inspection and assessment team of hospital quality Department of Health recognized and appreciated City International Hospital for the hospital administration for infection control activities of the ICU department.

ICU Department of City International Hospital with separate patient rooms contributes to reducing the risk of hospital infection controls practice 

Active Rehabilitation Department (ICU) is a provider of comprehensive care services for critically ill and critically ill patients, patients at the ICU department are always at high risk of hospital infections (hospital infections), and hospital infections themselves. making the disease situation worse, longer hospital stay, increasing treatment costs, ... In addition, hospital infection is a favorable environment for resistant strains of bacteria to appear. Stemming from the above reasons, the priority of resources to standardize an ICU department to minimize the risk of hospital infection must always be considered one of the core activities in hospital governance.

The ICU Department of City International Hospital has a scale of 20 patient rooms, each with only one recovery bed, designed in accordance with the principles of medical project design principles of the American Institute of Architecture and the world.

The ICU Department has a system of negative pressure isolation rooms, facilities for patients, strictly adheres to regulations on infection control, minimizes hospital infections.

ICU Department provides comprehensive care services for patients with a team of professional nurses and nurses. The feeding system through the catheter with the drop count bag complies with nutritional safety standards, minimizing depletion during treatment. In addition, the department also applies measures to prevent and treat pressure ulcers such as: bathing the patient in bed with a solution of 4% Povidin or 0.2% Chlohexidine; Turn the patient every 2 hours, rub Sanyren anti-ulcer, exercise respiratory and motor therapy, lie on an anti-ulcer steam mattress.

Comprehensive results and compliance with infection control regulations reduced hospital infections to 1.5 / 1000 days hospital stay and reduced mechanical ventilation pneumonia to 6.5 / 1000 days. mechanical ventilation. Patient relatives will not have to support and completely feel secure to send the patient to the medical team of the hospital with high standards of care during treatment in the department.

24 hour nursing care for patients at the ICU , City International Hospital

Source HCMC Department of Health

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