Morning January 9, 2021, the 5th Science and Technology Conference took place at City International Hospital, attracting 150 delegates.

The Science and Technology Conference is an annual activity of City International Hospital. The 5th Science and Technology Conference in 2021 brought many meaningful and valuable reports for delegates and attendees, especially the Report "The panorama of cancer prevention" by the Church. Professor Nguyen Chan Hung - President of Vietnam Cancer Society.


Professor Nguyen Chan Hung - President of Vietnam Oncology Association reports on "Overview of cancer prevention and treatment"

In addition, there are many reports attracting the discussion and comments of delegates such as "Update on treatment of neurological diseases in the 21st century: Stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson" by Assoc. Thi Hung; report "Prevention of MRSA transmission in ICU department in Vietnam" by Assoc. Tran Quang Binh; "Full replacement knee joint with movable tibial plateau: a summary of over 114 follow-up cases in 5 years" by TS.BS. Pham Chi Lang ....

Assoc.Prof.Dr.BS. Nguyen Thi Hung - Medical Director "21st Century Neurological Treatment Updates: Stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease"

Assoc.Prof.Dr.BS. Tran Quang Binh - Deputy Medical Director "Prevention of MRSA transmission at ICU department in Vietnam"

Nurse Thai Thi Kim Nga MSc. - Nursing Director "Surveying care form recording and improving care from there"

Dr. Pham Chi Lang - Head of Trauma and Orthopedics Department "Full knee replacement with movable tibial plateau: Summary of 114 follow-up cases in 5 years"

Dr. Nguyen Van Nhom - Head of intensive care "Clinical case: A case of successful treatment of septic shock in patients with colon perforation late hospitalized"

MSc. Dr. Hoang Chan Phuong - Internal Medicine Doctor "Evaluation of the safety of sedative flexible bronchoscopy at City International Hospital"

MS. Nguyen Thanh Luan - Lecturer of University of Medicine and Pharmacy City. HCM "Participation of inpatients in medical examination and treatment"

City International Hospital would like to thank our doctors and colleagues for participating in the conference and contributing many interesting and practical topics that contribute to the success of this year's Conference.

The hospital also would like to thank sponsors Abbott, Sanofi, GSK, AstraZeneca, Idsmed, Roche, Viphaco for their sponsorship and contribution to the conference's success.

Sincerely thank you and see you in next year conferences!

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