Degenerative knee disease is one of the three most common types of degeneration in the neck and lumbar spine. To diagnose, the doctor will exploit the course of the disease, examine the knee and whole body, appoint some tests such as blood count, knee X-ray ...

The patient has pain in the front or in the knee joint, scratchy when flexing, stiffness in the morning lasting less than 30 minutes, limiting movement due to pain causing difficulty in walking, up and down stairs. Examination at the knee joint shows signs of pain or swelling, or with limited movement and stretching, loose knee joint due to weak ligament of the knee joint ...

There are many treatments for osteoarthritis of the knee depending on whether the condition is mild or severe.

According to Dr. Pham Chi Lang - Head of Department of Trauma and Orthopedics City International Hospital, to treat osteoarthritis of the knee, there are many methods, depending on the stage of the disease.

Stage 1: Mild 

Treatment will be a combination of three groups of methods:

  • Medications: we only use drugs during times when the knee joint hurts. At this point, the doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. In addition, we can also use drugs to support joint cartilage by mouth or injection. However, we should consult a doctor before taking any medicine.
  • Physical therapy: Specific exercises can help increase range of motion and flexibility, as well as help strengthen the muscles in your leg. Your doctor or a physical therapist can help develop an individualized exercise program that meets your needs and lifestyle..
  • Weight loss: people who are overweight are found to be more prone to osteoarthritis than normal people. Excess weight is a factor in increasing load on the knee joint, which if long term can contribute to osteoarthritis. Therefore, weight loss is an essential measure in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. 

Stage 2: Moderate

We can still use the same early-stage methods. However, in some cases, surgical intervention may be required such as knee arthroscopy, tibial axis resection. To know which cases require surgery, consult an orthopedic trauma specialist.

Stage 3: Severe

The most effective treatment that the world is applying is artificial knee replacement. This is a method to wrap the two ends of the knee joint with alternative materials, made of a special metal, that can be kept in the body. However, this is an advanced method, requiring high technology, full equipment, absolute sterile operating room conditions, and especially, the surgeon must be trained and experienced. Therefore, not all hospitals or doctors can operate. In addition, the cost of the operation is also very high, so not all patients are financially eligible for surgery.

In summary, osteoarthritis of the knee is an increasingly common disease, not only in the elderly, but also in the middle age. The disease needs to be diagnosed early, then treatment will be simple and effective. If the disease is detected in a severe stage, it will be difficult and costly to treat.

Surely you still have questions related to osteoarthritis of the knee, please contact our expert immediately for detailed answers and advice.


 Dr. Pham Chi Lang, Head of Orthopedic Department 

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