Excessive alcohol use and smoking  are the two habits that make men face many risks, including femoral head necrosis that few people know.

Perhaps to many people, femoral head necrosis disease is still quite new. The main cause of this condition is alcohol and tobacco. And to help the patient to walk normally, doctors are forced to operate the hip joint. At the same time ask the patient to immediately stop alcohol and tobacco.

That is how dangerous alcohol and tobacco are, right? Until now, we have only heard of its effects on the liver, kidneys, stomach, heart ... but few people think of the femoral cap necrosis disease. And for you to better understand this disease, let us listen to the sharing of Dr. Pham Chi Lang, Head of Department of Orthopedic Trauma, City International Hospital.

The femur is a type of joint disease caused by the normal femoral cap with blood vessels coming to nourish the femur. For some reason those blood vessels become blocked then it stops blood from circulating the femur and for a long time, the femur tip begins to deteriorate and as it deteriorates we call the noun Medicine is femoral cap necrosis.

Among young patients with femoral osteonecrosis when asked whether to drink alcohol regularly weekly or daily, most children say yes. The type of wine you drink is self-cooked white wine, wine soaked with fruits, roots, etc.

However, the withdrawal of alcohol in these patients is very difficult because many people, from the first days after hip replacement surgery, appeared psychosis, psychosis due to stopping drinking alcohol, greatly affecting treatment results. .

According to Dr. Pham Chi Lang, the treatment of femoral cap necrosis depends on the stage of disease progression. For patients detected at an early stage, patients should be treated according to the following method:

In medical terms, we divide the femoral capillary necrosis into 4 degrees, which is degree 1, degree 2, degree 3, degree 4. To keep it simple, we combine degrees 1 and 2 into the same stage the segment it calls light stage. At this stage, the patient is still almost normal or the pain is little, then in this stage we can treat with pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, in addition we need to reduce activity, reduce activity work, reduce heavy labor to prolong the disease.

Hoại tử chỏm xương đùi- Căn bệnh nguy hiểm, diễn biến âm thầm

Imaging of a patient after a hip replacement surgery at City International Hospital

By the third stage, which is 3 degrees 4, we group it into a stage called the heavy stage. At this stage it is already difficult to walk, can no longer walk, can no longer do heavy labor and take regular painkillers and the legs begin to be short compared to the diseased leg, we begin Limp. More severe in the late stage, then you need to be on crutches to walk and take painkillers almost every day. During that period the best treatment was an artificial hip replacement.

Hip replacement surgery is a difficult surgical method, requiring high skills and modern facilities. Not all joint pain cases require joint replacement surgery. The doctor must exploit the medical history, consider the subclinical results such as X-rays, other tests, ... From there, the doctor will evaluate whether hip replacement surgery is the best method. help relieve pain and improve patient's mobility or not.

At City International Hospital's Department of Orthopedics and Trauma, the hip and knee replacement surgery has been successfully performed for many patients who gradually lost motor function due to necrosis of the femur, femoral neck fracture and severe knee osteoarthritis.

Osteoderma necrosis if treated early when the crown stage has not yet subsided, can avoid the risk of patients needing hip replacement. Thus, early diagnosis is an important factor.

A sterile operating room dedicated to knee and hip replacement surgery at City International Hospital

If you experience single or bilateral hip pain, especially when squatting, hip closure, hip rotation, pain with excessive walking or standing and decreased resting, or experience with persistent knee pain However, without finding the cause of the damage to the knee joint, the doctor's advice is that we should go to the doctor early to have appropriate treatment.

However prevention is better than cure. The most effective and meaningful preventive solution for femoral head necrosis is that men should quit smoking, avoid using too much alcohol and combine regular sports exercise.

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