City International Hospital has designed more than 40 general exam packages from Standard Package to Premium Package suitable for all people, all ages. In particular, the cost of each package is also suitable for all customers with medium to high income.


Health screening includes a series of comprehensive physical examinations, tests, or procedures used to detect a disease or determine health risks, even when a person shows no symptoms:

General Health Screening - Physical Examination

Most basic health screenings include common tests such as measuring Body Mass Index (BMI), blood tests for sugar and cholesterol, and blood pressure measurement, liver and kidney function tests. Some health screenings can also include treadmill stress tests, thyroid function tests, chest-xrays and more . 

  • Eye exam
  • Ear, nose and throat exam
  • Dental exam
  • Dermatological examination
  • Gynecological examination
  • Urological examination

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General Health Screening - Blood and urine tests

Routine blood tests include: blood count tests and biochemical tests. Complete blood count tests to determine the amount and proportion of blood components. Test results help assess whether the health examiner is anemic or not, the body is in an infection state, whether the blood clotting function is normal or not, ... Biochemical blood test to determine the Important parameters such as blood sugar, urea, creatinine, liver enzymes AST, ALT, ... These indicators help assess liver and kidney function, diagnose diabetes, ...

Urine tests: a total analysis of urine parameters to help determine if urinary tract infections or diseases are present. Some metabolic disorders may also be detected on a urine test.

General Health Screening - Diagnostic Imaging

Cardiopulmonary x-ray to detect early lung damage and problems related to heart, chest. In addition, depending on the status of each person who comes to the examination, the doctor may prescribe X-rays of other locations and parts of the body.

In addition to the above list of mandatory periodic health checks, depending on age characteristics and risk factors, the health examiner can choose to expand the package of additional examination such as brain MRI scan, chest CT scan,

Ultrasound: abdominal ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, breast ultrasound (for women), osteoporosis measurements, EEG, ECG, hepatitis B and C tests, thyroid function, endocrine tests factor, ..


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General Health Screening Package (EHS)

for Individuals

Orig. Price 


Discount Rate

Discount Price


EHS Silver Package  3,100,000 50% 1,550,000

EHS Gold (Age<=40)

EHS Gold (Age > 40)






EHS Platinum (Lady) 

EHS Platinum (Man)






EHS Diamond (Lady) 

EHS Diamond (Man) 






Pediatric EHS (Standard)




Pediatric EHS (Advanced)

4,350,000 50% 2,175,000

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