August 18, 2020, City International Hospital recovered and operated on time, saving the life of a female patient from Dong Nai province hospitalized in a critical condition, the risk of death up to 80% -90%. diagnosed with infectious shock, fecal peritonitis.

A female patient Vu Thi Ph., 63 years old, having a movement disorder, lying in bed for 5 years, suffering frequent constipation. At home the night before hospitalization, the patient started to show symptoms of fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. She ứa admitted to City International hospital showing abdominal pain, drowsiness, difficulty breathing, anuria, blood pressure of 70/50 mmHg. After initial examination, the emergency specialist team quickly identified the state of severe infections from the gastrointestinal tract, indicated for a CT scan of the abdomen, and detected a rupture of the rectum, gas and free gas of the abdomen.

Immediately after the successful surgery, the patient received active resuscitation, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT), mechanical ventilation, broad spectrum antibiotics, intravenous nutrition, ...

TDr. Nguyen Van Nhom examined patient at ICU Department.

After 3 days under critical care, severe metabolic acidosis, cardiac failure began to show signs of gradual improvement, decreased vasomotor dose, began to have urine, a sign that the kidneys began to recover gradually.

After 1 week, the patient continued to recover, practice to stop the ventilator. On August 27, 2020, the patient was intubated, then the patient was released from the recovery department, transferred to the Surgery Department to continue treatment, his health gradually recovered, the patient could drink milk. awake, practice to eat porridge, practice physical therapy ...

It can be said that this is a very serious case. In particular, the patient has rectal perforation, peritoneal feces, late to the hospital after 24 hours, the risk of death can be up to 80-90%. (The risk of death was assessed by clinical signs, subclinical, and medical).

Dr Nguyen Van Khoa was invited to consult surgery and surgery for the patient, said this situation is urgent and urgent. "Patients with diagnosis of septic shock-toxicity due to rectal rupture / movement disorder, are using two new vasopressors to maintain blood pressure.

Doctors and nurses of the ICU Department congratulate the patients on their critical crisis and their good health recovery.

At this point, the question is whether or not surgery? If surgery, the possibility of death on the operating table is possible. I struggled a lot and remembered learning from my teacher, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Tan Cuong, "taking advantage of human resources, good fortune". At the time of explaining to the family, the patient was in a critical condition. When my children were wondering, I said that if this was my family member, I would agree to have surgery. Her children all burst into tears. These things make us determined to have surgery, then fortunately have the opportunity to regain life for the sick from the hands of death ".

According to Dr Nguyen Van Khoa, Department of General Surgery at City International Hospital, the main surgeon shared: in this situation, if not treated early, can damage multiple organs and lead to septic shock, which may lead to death. If the family agrees to have surgery, the possibility of death on the table surgery is also very high. At the time of explaining to the family, the patient was in a critical condition. When my children were wondering, I said that if this was my family member, I would agree to have surgery. Her children all burst into tears. Those things made us determined to have surgery.

Dr. Nguyen Van Khoa - the main surgeon visited the patient during recovering  phase.

And according to Dr. Nguyen Van Nhom, Head of ICU: Thanks to the smooth, fast and precise coordination between the team of emergency doctors, surgery and positive resuscitation, serious problems are solved. quick decision. From the time the patient was admitted to the hospital to the time the patient was put on the operating table within half an hour, we were racing against time, both resuscitation and surgery to save the patient's life within just a few hours. . That is one of the extremely important points, contributing to the success of emergency and patient resuscitation.

With the concept of "Take advantage of human resources, divinity of the life", doctors' team treating patients V.T.P devoted all their efforts to curing patients. The sweet achievement has come after the hard, stressful efforts of the operation as well as the absolute expectation of the patient's family in the white shirt team of CIH, the patient has passed the scythe of death. touching tears.

Dr Nguyen Van Khoa added: “This is a very special surgery, impressive to me, when seeing the pleading eyes of their families, their belief in their lives, we wholeheartedly cured. For the patient, at that time, the patient's family member asked me: "Will the surgery, will my mother live?" My answer is a survival rate of about 20%. However, if it's my family member, I will have surgery. ” And that is also one of the motivations for kip doctors to try harder in the race to regain the lives of patients.

Through this case we want to send the message, for the patients patient with an amputation, sedentary, the digestive system gradually deteriorates, constipation often appears, the symptoms are often vague, the family needs pay attention promptly, to avoid severe complications for patients.

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