At 8:00 pm on August 1, the Ministry of Health issued an urgent notice No. 21 and proposed:

I. People who have visited the following locations:

1. Bảo Thắng Pagoda, P. Sơn Phong, TP. Hoi An, Quang Nam, from July 22, 2020

2. Sinaran Vietnam Co., Ltd., Road No. 5, Da Nang Industrial Park, Son Tra District, Ho Chi Minh City Da Nang, from 16-20 / 7/2020 and from 24-26 / 7/2020

3. Department of Neurology at Vinmec Danang International General Hospital, from 8 am-9pm on July 17, 2020

4. Doctor's clinic Phi Anh, 840 Trần Cao Vân, Thanh Khê Đông, Thanh Khê, TP. Da Nang, the afternoon of July 17, 2020 and the afternoon of July 25, 2020.

5. Dong Da Market, Hai Chau, TP. Da Nang, July 20, 2020.

6. Moss Coffee, 140/2 Hai Phong, Hai Chau, Da Nang, from 20-22 July 2020.

7. Pediatric Maternity Hospital, TP. Da Nang, July 21-23, 2020

8. Red Apple Restaurant, 20 Nguyen Thien Thuat, Binh Hien, Hai Chau, TP. Da Nang, the afternoon of July 22, 2020

9. Tuyet Mo Restaurant, Nguyen Phan Vinh, TP. Da Nang, July 22, 2020

II. Passengers on the flight:

1. Flight VJ1379 from Quang Nam to Ho Chi Minh City, July 28, 2020.

2. Flight VJ647 from Da Nang to TP. Ho Chi Minh City, July 22, 2020.

Recommended for you:

- Immediately contact the nearest health authority for advice;

- Call hotlines that provide phone numbers for people who have had close contact with you:

+ 1900.9095 (Ministry of Health)

+ 0905.108.844 (Center for Disease Control in Da Nang City)

+ 0914.085.388 (Center for Disease Control of Quang Nam Province)

+ 0869.577.133 (Center for Disease Control Ho Chi Minh City)

- Make an online health declaration at or download the NCOVI application from and regularly update your health status.

- Install Bluezone application to be warned of COVID-19 infection: