TTO - This is a question of many readers about the treatment schedule of COVID-19 patients (Americans) over many days, from Danang to Ho Chi Minh City. Youth would like to introduce the opinion of Dr. Cao Xuan Minh to explain somewhat about this story.

In the newspaper and on social networks, many of you ask the medical staff, the hospital, why not test  449 patients (Americans)  but to go through a series of hospitals?

 So far, there have been fewer than 500 COVID-19 cases nationwide, of which more than half are from abroad.

 Most major hospitals across the country have the Respiratory Department, each province has its own specialized hospital for Tuberculosis - Lung Disease. All hospitals have respiratory patients, to general clinics, private clinics ...

 It is so verbose that we can see that respiratory diseases are countless and can account for the largest number of patients in all aspects.

 Respiratory symptoms that we all experience and may be: mild to severe fever, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, stuffy nose ... Most of these are self-limiting, get rid of it or get a prescription medication home.

 Cases of hospitalization for treatment also have numerous diseases such as community pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis ...

 In the last 6 months, we have had less than 500 cases of COVID-19, while millions of cases have signs of respiratory .... So how do we detect? Tested for millions of respiratory cases? It cannot be done because it is extremely wasteful, money and national resources are tolerable even for the richest countries in the world.

 So when do we get tested? Epidemiological factor is the most important, clinical going thereafter. The epidemiology + clinical is even more awesome. What is epidemiology? Being from an infected area, contact of a source of infection could be the infected person or the place where the disease is spread. Clinically alone when there is no epidemiology with numerous possible and often difficult diseases.

 Going back to 416, 418 or ca 449 Americans. Why not get tested when going through a series of hospitals? Because by the time they arrived at the Vietnamese hospital there were no cases of illness in the community and they never left the country, had no contact with COVID-19 infected patients. It means that there are no epidemiological factors, the signs to doubt are not in the doctor's mind, in the implementation instructions. Therefore, physicians do not specify that the COVID-19 test is appropriate.

 It was a surprise. And so far, the whole health system, epidemic rooms are still tracing the source to see where they were infected, from where F0 came from.

 If you refer to the American man as F0, what source do you get from just being in the country?

 Doctors are working hard, even in spite of their health, to protect their lives. Health facilities are also burdened in the difficulty of disease prevention and still have to carry out medical examination and treatment tasks.

 While "this fiery water", please do not rush to give harsh words to patients and those who are strained in the epidemic. You worry one, they are definitely ten times worried!

Source Tuoi Tre Online

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