Family member of a patient who are being treated at CIH shared that she is very reassured because the medical staff who care for and treat the patient is very thoughtful and dedicated, so she does not feel worried.

To proactively ensure maximum safety for all patients, family members and medical staff working at the Hospital, City International Hospital will temporarily suspend patient visits, examinations and admission from 29 July 'til 3 August 2020. The hospital has been implementing the following rules:

  • Activate the whole system of disease prevention, ready to cope with complicated progression of Covid-19 epidemic.
  • Suspend the examination and receive new patient treatment to review and evaluate the entire prevention of Covid-19 in the hospital. Estimated suspension to August 3, 2020. After that time, depending on the actual situation and the report of the City Center for Disease Control, the Department of Health will issue a written directive and the Hospital will provide an updated notice.
  • Strictly follow the preventive measures under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, coordinate closely with the Department of Health and relevant departments to conduct screening tests, isolation and health monitoring. for health care workers who have direct contact with patients suspected of being infected with Covid-19, to monitor and test to screen patients who are being treated at the Hospital for abnormal signs.
  • The hospital has prepared all the admission options and treatment options: preparation of the hospital bed, clothes, medical supplies, protective clothing, adequate medical equipment for the prevention of against Covid-19 at the hospital.
  • Frequent reports and updates sent to the Department of Health, the City Center for Disease Control on the prevention of Covid-19 at the hospital.
  • Activate the Covid-19 epidemic prevention hotline at the hospital.

Facing the complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic , the  Hospital s recommendationsL: People take the initiative to protect, wear masks, wash their hands, stay healthy and avoid crowded places.

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