City International Hospital is pleased to offer all-inclusive tonsillectomy packages compliance to international quality standards for only VND 15 million (for Adults) and VND14 million (for Kids). This offer is valid til September 30, 2020.

Recurrent tonsillitis and obsession  

Tonsillitis is a common and benign disease, but if subjective, not timely and definitive treatment will lead to the risk of recurrence, persistent, causing inflammation, creating abscess that spread around the throat. , even worse are complications of arthritis, glomerulonephritis, endocarditis, valvular heart disease as well as sleep apnea syndrome ... So should tonsillitis be cut and in any case need surgery tonsillectomy?

Dr. Le Quoc Tu, ENT Specialist - City International Hospital said that tonsillitis is a common disease in ear, nose and throat diseases, especially in children and adults in adulthood. Tonsillitis is often repeated, easy to complicate, affecting health, productivity, play activities - activities of children and adults.

Recently, ENT Department of City International Hospital has received a lot of cases of children and adults with tonsillitis but not treated and treated promptly. The reason given is often due to psychological fear of complications resulting in loss of voice, lost voice. However, repeated fever, sore throat and shortness of breath affect daily activities and study to see a doctor.

Dr. Le Quoc Tu, Level I specialize in ENT - City International Hospital 

Typically, a female patient L.T.B.T, 40 years old, District 6. The patient has a sore throat, spitting up phlegm, swallowing pain. At the Otolaryngology Department at City International Hospital, he was diagnosed with left tonsillitis (J03). The patient had a tonsillectomy on June 13, 2020. Up to now, after one month of tonsillectomy, the patient's health is good, there is no sore throat and swallowing is difficult as before.

Another case was a male patient, N.M.P, 36 years old in Ho Chi Minh City. Patients with chronic tonsillitis. After years of inflammation, fever, and difficulty swallowing, the patient decided to remove the tonsils with a traditional method of dissection. Up to now, after 3 months of tonsillectomy, the throat area has recovered normally, without losing voice.

Most of the patients after tonsillectomy have completely stopped symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, bad breath .... The quality of life and learning activities are also much improved, patients are no longer "scared" because of the "on" tonsils that go back and forth whenever the weather changes, Dr. Tu expressed.

The most common reasons for surgery recommendation to remove tonsils

Dr. Tu recommends to the community, if the patient shows signs of sore throat swelling, they should see a specialist immediately. Through clinical examination, performing appropriate subclinical, patients will be accurately diagnosed to be able to offer reasonable treatment. Determining the direction of treatment for tonsillitis, medical or surgical, is carefully considered by the doctor. The arbitrary purchase of oral antibiotics when tonsillitis will create a bad habit, leading to a very high risk of antibiotic resistance.

The most common reasons for surgery recommendation to remove tonsils and/or adenoids are:

  • Enlarged tonsils narrow the airways, cause shortness of breath, and sleep apnea syndrome. At the same time, hypertrophic VA can cause oxygen deprivation, which can cause life-threatening suffocation.
  • Acute tonsillitis recurs more than 4 times / year.
  • Abscess around the tonsils, abscess in tonsils: Multiple tonsillitis often results in tonsill abscess Patients with sore throat, difficulty swallowing, swelling of the throat without speaking, headache, high fever, bad breath, drooling due to not swallowing.
  • Tonsillitis causes acute arthritis complications, endocarditis, valvular disease, and glomerulonephritis.
  • Chronic tonsillitis has tonsil stones that cause bad breath, affecting communication, work and school.
  • Abnormal enlargement of the tonsils on one side of the tonsils

Quality assured for sterile operating theatre following strict infection prevention and control procedures and autoclave sterilization process; laminar air-flow systems with HEPA filters and positive and negative pressurization to help maintain a sterile environment. 

Tonsillectomy treatment at City International Hospital (CIH)

Tonsillectomy surgery will help prevent recurrent tonsillitis, patients do not need to use antibiotics for long-term antibiotic treatment. Removing tonsils not only helps treat and resolve symptoms of recurrent illness, but also helps to overcome respiratory system symptoms such as severe sleep apnea or snoring.

At City International Hospital, tonsillectomy is performed using methods such as:

  • Classic dissection techniques in tonsillectomy: This method still has certain advantages such as fast healing time, no damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Monopolar Electrosurgery & Bipolar Electrosurgery: The advantage of this method is the quick implementation time, less bleeding. However, the high ablation temperature affects the surrounding tissue.
  • Method of using high-frequency (55,000 Hz) ultrasonic energy (The Harmonic Scalpel): The advantage of this method is good control of hemostasis, low ablation temperature, less damage to surrounding tissue so fast healing time, less pain after surgery.

Tonsillectomy surgery cost estimate

Special offer on  all-inclusive package of high-quality tonsillectomy provided at City International Hospital (CIH)

  • All-inclusive tonsillectomy package with preoperative lab tests for Adult patients: VND 15,000,000
  • All-inclusive tonsillectomy package with preoperative lab tests for Children: VND 14,000,000

This offer is valid til September 30, 2020.

**All-inclusive package fees cover: Surgeon fee, surgical procedure fee, pre-anesthesia testing, one-night hospital stay, one meal

Depending on the method the patient chooses, the procedure for tonsillectomy will vary. However, to conduct any surgery, patients will undergo the main stages of examination - diagnosis - surgery - resuscitation. Especially, when patients choose to have tonsillectomy at City International Hospital, they will enjoy all advanced services such as:

  • Modern facilities and high-tech equipment, compliance to international quality standards
  • Quality assured for sterile operating theatre following strict infection prevention and control procedures and autoclave sterilization process; laminar air-flow systems with HEPA filters and positive and negative pressurization to help maintain a sterile environment. In addition, the operating theatre is equipped with a proven system for avoiding electrical outages, preventing power supply interruption and increasing patient safety during surgical treatment.
  • Spotlessly clean and spacious patient rooms to offer additional luxury and comfort for patients and relatives.
  • Our highly-experienced ENT specialists will treat and offer in-depth consultations before and after surgery.
  • Our care team ensures help is on hand 24/7. Simply press the button, our trained staff will be with you as soon as possible.
  • Good post-operative care, daily visit in-person, close support and health monitoring with personal care that is tailored to each individual after surgery.
  • Social health insurance (SHI) and/or private health insurance (PHI) are accepted.

Luxurious patient rooms with an extensive list of amenities 

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