Vinh Long Newspaper - City International Hospital (CIH) Trauma-Orthopedics Department has successfully completed hip and knee replacement surgeries for many patients with progressive loss of motor function due to necrosis of the femur, femoral neck fracture, severe knee degeneration.

Dr. Pham Chi Lang, MD, PhD, Head of Trauma-Orthopedics Department, City International Hospital.

 According to Dr. Pham Chi Lang, MD, PhD, Head of Trauma-Orthopedics Department, City International Hospital, the patient will be appointed by the doctor to replace the whole hip joint in case of necrosis of femoral head, partial hip replacement when fractured neck bone thigh. For total knee replacement, the main cause is severe knee osteoarthritis.

 Dr. Lang further explained that the purpose of hip and knee replacement surgery is to help patients relieve pain, improve motor function and restore other joint functions. Damaged parts of the hip or knee joint are removed and replaced with artificial implants.

Pham Chi Lang, MD PhD - examines motor function for patients.

Recently, City International Hospital of Orthopedic Injury received successful treatment and surgery for many cases of patients with femoral head gangrene, femoral neck fracture and severe knee osteoarthritis.

Like male BN T.C.Đ. (69 years old, Tien Giang). Patient came to City International Hospital for examination with a lot of aches and pains, difficult movement, mainly by wheelchair. Through examination and carrying out diagnostic imaging tests, this patient was diagnosed with grade 4 left femoral necrosis (severe stage), indicated for hip hip replacement surgery and left the patient. The surgery was successful on 5/5/2020. After a month of surgery, the patient's health is stable, much pain is reduced, motor function recovers and can walk smoothly.

Ms. T.K.L.- daughter of Mr. T.C.Đ.- said more than 2 years ago Mr. Đ. have pain, have difficulty walking, see a doctor diagnosing sciatica, spine and prescribe medication. A year ago, he suffered a lot of pain, could not lift his feet, all activities became difficult. The family decided to take Mr. Đ. went to City International Hospital for examination and was diagnosed by the doctor Pham Chi Lang, the cause of the pain. After surgery, Mr. D's motor function. has improved significantly, is no longer as painful as before and is able to walk.

Another case was TS.BS. Pham Chi Lang successfully treated as a male patient named L.T.X. (69 years old, living in Long An). Also with symptoms of knee pain when traveling, patients are diagnosed with osteoarthritis and medical treatment. However, the pain did not subside, especially after a high mountain trip, the knees hurt a lot and the patient could not walk normally.

Later, Mr. X. went to City International Hospital and was examined and X-rayed by Dr. Pham Chi Lang. Results showed that patients with severe left knee osteoarthritis. The most suitable surgery method for patients is to replace the whole left knee joint. To date, after more than 1 year of surgery, the motor function of the patient has improved significantly, can walk normally and no longer feel pain in the knee.

A female patient named L.T.H.T. (60 years old, in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City), City International Hospital who re-examined after half a year of knee replacement surgery said she had pain for more than 10 years but she can still walk, so she only needs medical treatment. About 2 years ago, the pain was so much that she could not move by herself, so she went to the hospital for examination. After the scan, I identified patients with severe knee osteoarthritis, TS. BS. Pham Chi Lang appointed surgery to replace the left knee joint. After 2 months of surgery, Mrs. T. was able to walk normally, exercise, walk and climb stairs.

Ms. L.T.H.T. Re-examination at the Department of Orthopedic Trauma.

“I didn't feel any pain and regained my health very quickly. I do not think surgery is so great, but the recovery process after that is very light, not exhausted. I am completely satisfied with my surgery decision ”- Ms. T. shared.

"The doctor must put the safety of the patient first and after surgery to replace the knee, hip, patients have to walk, normal activities called success" - Dr. Pham Chi Lang stressed.

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