Weight gain has many causes. Sometimes you startle and wonder why I suddenly gain weight so fast. You don't eat much, limit sweets, fatty foods but still gain weight? Please decipher the following causes:

Hormonal imbalance

If your adrenal glands and ovaries produce too much testosterone, your hormonal balance is disrupted, resulting in weight gain, along with other uncomfortable symptoms like menstrual disorders, gynecological diseases, acne ... Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may also face the risk of gradual weight gain.

Having a problem with the thyroid
Weight gain is one of the side effects of thyroid disease. The thyroid is responsible for metabolism, temperature, sweat processes and energy metabolism in the body. Therefore, when the function of the thyroid gland is impaired, it will slow down the metabolism and make it difficult for you to lose weight.

So, if you've been trying hard to lose weight, have your thyroid gland checked to see if you have a related illness.

Weight gain is a "headache" problem of many women.

Not getting enough nutrition

This may sound paradoxical but in fact there are many cases of insufficient intake of food leading to weight gain. Have you ever asked why vegetarians are so fat? Why people lack nutrition but good fat ?. If you do not get enough nutrients, your weight may increase without your knowledge. That's because when your body is deficient in certain minerals or vitamins, your metabolism slows down and you feel like you're running low on energy. As a result, you will eat more than necessary and your weight will increase. Therefore, to maintain a healthy weight, you need to get enough iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and other important nutrients necessary for the body.


Some medications can also have side effects that affect your body weight, such as antidepressants, birth control pills, and diabetes medications. endocrine in the body, affecting the absorption of food and disrupting eating, leading to weight gain. If you notice that your weight is increasing after taking these medications, talk to your doctor to find an alternative treatment.

For special medicines to treat diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, you need to take as directed by your doctor and have a reasonable diet and exercise to get in shape.

Slow digestion

Food stuck in your digestive system for long periods of time is also one of the strange reasons why you gain weight, especially when you are constipated. When constipated, the digestive process is slowed down, the waste accumulates in the intestine, making the metabolic activity take place more slowly, the liver has to work harder when handling hundreds of toxins, so it is not timely. preserves fat metabolism function, accelerates the process of accumulating excess fat in the body and leads to weight gain.


Among the strange reasons that lead to weight gain, stress is also a reason not to be missed. Stress directly decreases your metabolism and contributes to fat accumulation, especially in the belly area. If you can't manage your mood and lead to stress, you are also at risk of overeating. And this also contributes to making you gain weight quickly. Not to mention there are cases of excessive stress that want to eat more, have cravings ... So control your mood, balance your life.

Many studies show that stress (stress) makes us gain weight easily.

Lack of exercise

Many of you do not have the habit of exercising or are exercising regularly in the middle of the time also causes the body to change leading to weight gain. Doctors still recommend that, in addition to weight, to have a healthy and slim body, it is necessary to exercise regularly such subjects as swimming, yoga, meditation, jogging ...

To better understand your body, keep in mind the above and don't forget to get regular checkups to make sure you're in good health.


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