Experts said that although people with diabetes are at risk of COVID-19 death, if you control your blood sugar well and control complications, you will have enough health to cope if you have SARS. -CoV-2.

People with diabetes have careful complications with Covid-19

According to WHO statistics, the risk of death for people with diabetes when COVID-19 is 7.3%, the second highest after cardiovascular disease (10.5%). The figures also indicate that the majority of deaths lie in people with long-term diabetes who have had cardiovascular complications, kidney failure, etc.

Complicated diabetics themselves have poor health because the body has to fight with many different diseases at the same time. Adding COVID-19 is a "fatal blow" because the weak immune system causes the virus to spread rapidly, causing a multiple infection. Along with that, COVID-19 causes pneumonia resulting in not providing enough oxygen for diabetic complications such as heart, kidneys, feet, nervous system, etc. diabetes mellitus worsens, the treatment is more complicated and the patient will find it hard to recover.

According to expert advice, good control will help increase immunity, reduce the risk of contracting and multiple infections caused by COVID-19. Controlling complications from the beginning, the body will put all its energy to fight the virus without having to disperse for the treatment of other diseases. Thus, in the case of COVID-19 infection, your chance of recovering is higher.

People with diabetes must be well controlled glycemic index to ensure good health and Avoid complications.

5 things to know to help control diabetes complications at home

Health Organization recommends that people over 60 years old or people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease should limit leaving the house, restricting contact with the community during the COVID-19 season. Because of the high risk of illness and SARS-CoV-2 infection, the disease will be more severe, take longer to recover and the risk of death is many times higher than those without background disease.

So, right now you need to master and follow the instructions below for good control of blood sugar, good control of complications and opportunistic conditions. Only then can the body be healthy, the immune system strong enough to withstand COVID-19 disease.

1. Good control of blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure.

Controlling blood sugar, blood pressure and blood fat within the safe range is the best way to reduce cardiovascular complications, diabetes mellitus. Maintain a prescription for blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure medications.

Ideally, you should buy a home blood glucose monitor and blood pressure monitor to monitor these indicators without having to visit a medical institution. Blood sugar and blood pressure should be measured at least once a day and recorded in a log. If you see a higher than normal number, contact your doctor for instructions on how to adjust the medication remotely.

2. Enhance physical health and immune system thanks to scientific lifestyle.

The scientific lifestyle not only helps you maintain physical and mental health, but also helps boost immune system function. This is important because high blood sugar not only makes the body tired, but also inhibits the immune system, reduces the body's ability to resist when viruses, bacteria attack.

You should start with eating, sleeping in moderation and maintaining 30 minutes a day of exercise with indoor exercises such as running on the knee or yoga, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises. stomach.

The diet these days should add more vegetables, fresh fruits (less sweet), nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds), citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit) to enhance Vitamins, antioxidants help reduce stress. Eat right (eat small plate of vegetables before eating to rice and food); Eating on time is also a way to help stabilize blood sugar after eating effectively, thereby reducing cardiovascular complications, neurological complications ...

3. Proper foot care to prevent complications.

Every day, take 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed to check your feet, detect wounds, sores, infections. Diabetes causes loss of sensation, so you have to check with your eyes. This is a 20 minute "decision" whether you have a complication or amputation.

Note that even at home, always wear slippers to avoid stepping on sharp objects. Besides, need to clean your feet, blot dry with a towel to avoid itching fungus. If you experience numbness, stinging, burning in the legs, please massage to enhance blood circulation. Do not soak / apply hot feet because they can cause burns.

4. Reduce stress to avoid aggravating complications.

Before the complicated situation of COVID-19 epidemic, you probably cannot avoid worrying about the health of yourself and your family. However, excessive worry only makes blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure rise and drag diabetes complications worse.

Talk to your loved ones more, listen to music, sing karaoke, read newspapers and watch TV shows to relieve stress and anxiety.

5. Control complications with specialized support products.

In addition to the methods of hypoglycemia, you can combine the use of support products to increase the effectiveness, especially in the management of diabetes complications. Select products containing antioxidants that help protect the integrity of blood vessels such as creases, goji berries, alpha lipoic acid, will help minimize damage to target organs such as the heart, eyes, kidneys, Nervous system and feet from diabetes complications.


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