Everyday cooking with meat seems to be very simple, but if you accidentally make a mistake in processing meat, it not only causes the food to lose nutrition but also causes many harmful effects on health and even cancer. 

The meat needs to be thawed before being cooked 

Meat that has not been thawed when cooked outside cooks it first, and the inside is still alive. So, before cooking, defrost meat 1 hour, when cooking meat will cook evenly.

Do not defrost the meat at room temperature because it is easy to multiply bacteria leading to poisoning and diarrhea. Do not put frozen meat in hot oil to defrost or cook until the meat has thawed, which will lose nutrients. If cooked too long, the meat is broken, broken and tasteless.

Meat after defrosting must be processed immediately, avoid freezing again and do not keep meat in the freezer for too long. A microwave can be used to defrost at the appropriate temperature. Wrap the meat in plastic bags so nutrients are not lost. You can put the meat in the refrigerator compartment to thaw slowly. Do not use hot water to defrost the meat, favoring bacteria growth.

Processing meat without fully thawing, overcooking meat, roasting meat ... causing meat to lose quality and produce toxins.

Fish and meat should be thawed before cooking to avoid producing toxins.

Blanch the chicken with boiling water

According to experts, the bacteria really die at temperatures as high as 100 degrees, blanching with boiling water does not bring the results you want. In contrast, bacteria can still penetrate chicken. At the same time, this job also makes the chicken meat quality, pale meat.

If you want to get rid of bacteria in chicken, wash chicken with diluted salt water, then rinse with cold water as many times as possible to ensure health. Besides, when cooking, you should cook chicken, should not eat re-living, lest the disease procession into the body.

Use cooking oil to fry, roast meat

A lot of people often wait for old hot oil, even fumes, to add food to the pot. This cooking habit will not be good for health because at this time, the temperature of the oil has reached 2000C. At this time, when food is added, it will produce toxic substances. High temperatures not only destroy the nutritional components of food, but also produce peroxide that can cause cancer and other harmful substances to health. When the temperature exceeds the "smoke point" of the cooking oil, the oil burns, fumes and has a strong smell, which will be very toxic.

The best way is that every family should use both cooking oil and animal fat. In particular, animal fat is used for frying, rotating fish and meat dishes, and cooking oil is only used for stir-frying, mixing vinegar, salad, cooking soup, marinating meat and fish. Oils such as sunflower, soybean, canola, olive ... should be used to stir fry, eat raw, and marinate foods, helping users to absorb vitamins A, D, E, K available in foods. , add essential fatty acids and increase the taste of food.

Overcooked meat

We often have the notion that cooked meat is softer and tastier, so when cooking, many people put meat on fire for a long time, especially when stewing bones, many people cook until bones are soft. just turn off the heat. However, in a temperature of 200-3000C, amino acids, creatinine, sugars and harmless compounds in meat will occur chemical reactions, forming amino aromatic acids. In this substance contains up to 12 types of chemical compounds, including 9 types capable of causing cancer.

Therefore, do not cook meat too long, too cooked. Should only cook for meat that is soft enough, when the first layer of foam produced by the meat appears, it should be discarded, which can minimize the harmful effects caused by amino aromatic acids.

Fried sausages and bacon

Many people often fried sausages to eat with sticky rice. However, this is very harmful to health. Because salty foods such as sausages are made from fresh pork, to maintain long-term, one must put in a certain percentage of anti-rot in the production process - sodium nitrate. Bacon, bacon also have a certain amount of ammonium nitrate. If you use oil for frying, these foods will produce carcinogens. To make sausage, bacon, bacon ... you can cook, steam, make the ammonium nitrate fly with the steam. In addition, vinegar has the effect of breaking down ammonium nitrate and can kill bacteria. So, you can put a little vinegar in the pot of water to cook bacon for better health.

Processing mistakes cause meat to produce toxins, causing cancer: Grilling meat at high temperatures is easy to produce carcinogens.

Cooking meat

People should not eat a lot of barbecue because the baking process produces HCAs, also known as heterocyclic amines, which are toxic chemicals that cause cancer. Especially when grilling meat, the fat in the meat melts down into charcoal, creating toxic fumes in the meat that will easily create carcinogens and respiratory diseases. Absolutely charred meat is not eaten. Moreover, for people with metabolic disorders, barbecue has become a limited food.

Source Suckhoedoisong.vn

Early cancer screening

Dr. Tran Vuong Thao Nghi, Department of Oncology, City International Hospital said, if you encounter any one of the strange symptoms in the body such as fatigue, anorexia, weight loss ... should check health health, performing a cancer screening to identify signs even though faint at first will help you detect cancer early, have a high chance to cure the disease and prolong life.

In addition, changing some of your lifestyle habits can help you reduce your risk of this dangerous disease. Therefore, you should learn the daily habits to reduce the risk of cancer recommended by experts.


City International Hospital Oncology Department 

The Department of Oncology at City International Hospital provides the most advanced cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment services through a combination of surgical, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and hormonal treatments. target hit - immune.

Genetic tests are also used at City International Hospital's Oncology Department for cancer screening, treatment and prevention.

A team of experienced cancer experts diagnose and treat tumors of the face, head, neck, throat and base of the skull. ... to provide you the best treatment plan possible, comprehensive pain control measures, medical treatment to support the body wellness and nutrition intake with modern technology and the most reasonable cost.

  • HEAD & NECK CANCER: Benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck that develop in or around the throat, larynx, nose, sinuses, and mouth.
  • BREAST & GYNECOLOGY CANCER: Fibroadenoma, benign - malignant neoplasm of breast, breast cancer. Benign tumors - ovarian and uterine malignancies - cervical
  • GASTROINTESTINAL CANCER: A benign tumor - malignancy of the liver, stomach, and colorectal.

Routine health screenings help detect cancer (if any) at an early stage.

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