According to Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, Specialist level I, Gastroenterology Department of City International Hospital, the incidence of colorectal cancer is ranked 3rd and 4th in the world. In Vietnam, the mortality rate is quite high so patients should be screened early to be able to treat this disease thoroughly.

Incidence of stomach and colon cancer in Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, Specialist level I, Gastroenterology: Vietnam has 165,000 cancer cases per year, 115,000 deaths. The disease trend is increasing and increasing in young people. Currently, the incidence of stomach and colorectal cancer ranges from 40 to 60 years old but increasingly rejuvenating, appearing in subjects over 30 years old.

Screening and treatment?

Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, Specialist level I, Gastroenterology: Early detection of stomach and colorectal cancer is very important and difficult because the disease progresses silently, the symptoms are unclear and often confused with common diseases. of the digestive system. Therefore, early screening is necessary to avoid detection of the disease in the advanced stage. Easy to identify signs of colon cancer are abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, abnormal bowel movements: diarrhea, constipation.

Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, Specialist level I, Gastroenterology  offering advice gastrointestinal diseases in the livestream program 28/04/2020. 

Screening for gastrointestinal cancer

Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, Specialist level I, Gastroenterology: : When having symptoms related to the stomach, colorectal, the patient should not be subjective and arbitrarily buy oral medication, but should go to the hospital for screening advice. Currently colonoscopy is a popular, effective method to diagnose the disease. If cancer is detected through colonoscopy or biopsy, the doctor will continue to perform follow-up tests to assess the stage of cancer from which appropriate treatment is available.

If you are worried and want to screen for gastrointestinal disease, you can go to the General Surgery Department of major hospitals in the city to be assessed. In addition, City International Hospital has successfully treated many cases of colorectal cancer.

About the diet, patients should eat high fiber, plenty of vegetables, limit red meat, eat more white meat and maintain sports activities every day to promote health to fight the disease.

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