Rectal cancer usually comes from benign polyps, after a while they "turn evil" into cancer. Therefore, the role of screening for colon diseases, especially colon cancer, is very important for early detection and effective treatment. 

Global Cancer Organization (GLOBOCAN) estimates that in 2018 Vietnam had more than 14,000 new cases of colorectal cancer and more than 7,000 deaths from this disease. Comedian Anh Vu has recently died in the United States, having discovered and treated colon cancer over the past 19 years.

The disease ranks fifth among common cancers in both sexes. In women, this is the second most common cancer after breast cancer. In men, the disease is preceded by cancers of the liver, lung, and stomach.

 For more healthy and accurate information about gastrointestinal diseases, City International Hospital organizes a promotional program titled "Free GI consultaion with Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh."  

Call 0987853793 to receive the gift "Free of charge for examination with Dr. Xuan Thanh" of Gastroenterology.

Subjects of application: 

  1. join our livestream "Screening for gastrointestinal pathology" on April 28, 2020, participating in the comment, (like or share the livestream will be given: 1 visit free gastroenterology with Dr Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh specialist level 1 in gastroenterology. 
  1. Customers call 0987.853.793 to receive codes via phone messages. 

The Hospital staff will send a gift code (code) to customers and make an appointment with Dr. Xuan Thanh.

 Please Notice: Visitors must have a gift code message to be considered valid.

Watch our Dr. Xuan Thanh giving advice on Gi conditions 

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