Vnexpress – A 54-year-old female patient, who was at risk for Amputation (limb loss) due to cellulitis, got successfully treated with minimally invasive laser treatments for bothersome leg varicose veins.

She also shared having been living with pain and swelling (Peripheral Edema) in her leg for over 30 years, she went on several operations, but there weren’t any big positive changes. Her leg was still painful, swollen with lots of difficulties when walking, bending and stretching. Up until she decided to come to City International Hospital for medical consultation. At that point her leg was at the worst stage as it could be with pus discharge. She was in so much pain and no longer able to walk.

Dr. Nghiem Phuong Thao said patients with varicose veins causing her leg to swell three times bigger than its normal size and severely infected with white fluid and pus oozing out from inside. Without a timely interventional treatment, very soon it would lead to a deadly infections stage where there no other choices than having her leg cut off in order to save her life.

Varicose Veins female suferer 54 with fully recovered after interventional laser therapy

Our team of highly trained practitioners decided to use laser for varicose veins. One day after the procedure, the patient has already been on track of recovering and ready for hospital discharge. Her leg has been reduced a lot from the swelling and enabled to walk independently by herself.. This is a minimally invasive method of treating varicose veins in modern days, capable of eliminating most of the symptoms such as Aching, heavy and uncomfortable legs, varicose veins, and Thread veins without having to go through painful and open surgery.

Varicose veins, a chronic disease, occur when the valves inside of the veins are aging, damaged and/or weakened. Anyone can develop varicose veins, but it tends to be very common in women. More and more men are also becoming at risk too. For example, If your occupation requires you to stand for long periods of time —such as bartending or nursing—you might be more susceptible to developing these painful and ugly veins

The disease manifests itself from mild levels such as Telangiectasia or spider veins  (small dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin or mucous membranes) or Severity of Venous Insufficiency, such as swelling, cramps, skin changes, venous skin ulcer. Combination treatments include the use of Compression Socks, intravenous (IV) injection.

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