Disc herniation occurs when there is damage to the ligaments and fibrous loops that hold the disc, and the disc can compress and cause nerve damage when the herniation occurs. Therefore, when suffering from a herniated disc, the patient often suffers from discomfort such as:

1. Spinal Pain:

Usually, initial pain appears around the affected disc area, eg neck pain, back pain. The pain can cause the patient to restrict movements such as neck rotation, neck bending, and difficulty in changing positions. In addition to discogenic pain, such pain can also be caused by structures around the spine, such as muscles of the spine, ligaments of the spine or joints of the spine.

Neck and back pain due to herniated discs.

2. Signs You May Have a Pinched Nerve

When a nerve is pinched by a herniated disc, it causes pain that spreads along the nerve's path. More severe, it will numb the skin or reduce the sensation of an area on the skin, if the nerve is damaged a lot for a long time, it can cause weakness or paralysis of the manipulation of the nerve root that governs. Some uncommon pinched nerve symptoms are related to severe nerve or spinal cord pinching that could lead to various neurological issues

Cervical Disc Herniation (Neck) 

  • The pain of the nerve will spread from the neck to the shoulder, down the hand, possibly down to the finger. These pains usually appear in the morning of waking up.
  • Numbness and decreased sensation may occur in 1 or 2 hands or from the neck down.
  • More seriously, a cervical disc herniation can cause weakness in the arms, difficulty in hand movement, and atrophy of the arm muscles or both arms and legs.


Hand numbness due to neck disc herniation.

Lumbar Disc Herniation (Lower back) 

  • Pain from back to buttocks, down to legs, down to toes. These pains are commonly known as sciatica. Sciatica caused by lumbar disc herniation usually occurs when sitting for a long time, standing for a long time, walking a lot. Therefore, patients usually have to change positions every 10-20 minutes because pain occurs. In addition, pain occurs when coughing, sneezing or squeezing.
  • Numbness, stinging or burning or worsening attacks will reduce the sensation of one or two feet.
  • Worsening illness can result in weakening of the entire foot or movement of the foot (such as being unable to tiptoe or wearing sandals or falling due to the inability of the foot to rise), difficulty urinating or incontinence (not alkaline)

Sciatica caused by disc herniation.

According to some statistics show that 80% of the population has at least 1 period of back pain. This is a very common health problem and contributes largely to the causes of labor loss. Statistics in the US show that the total cost of this issue exceeds 100 billion USD annually. There are many causes of back pain, but most cases are related to degenerative disease and disc herniation. Therefore, the knowledge about this issue as well as the appropriate treatment will help limit the cost of treatment and its unnecessary serious consequences. 

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Treatment of degenerative cervical spine

  • Need to coordinate methods of internal medicine and rehabilitation, exercise, lifestyle changes to protect the neck spine, avoid recurrence.
  • Apply mild - moderate - severe pain relief therapy, limiting long-term use.
  • It is necessary to strengthen groups of drugs for treating diseases according to etiology. In particular, patients need to monitor and treat as prescribed by the doctor, to avoid the condition that both relieves the disease and stops leading to easy relapse.
  • Severe cases after long-term medical treatment do not go away, if there are complications, the doctor will prescribe surgery.

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