Many patients were admitted to City International Hospital at first thinking that they had leg pain due to sports injuries but the fact that they were completely blocked in the leg.

Having a blockage in a lower limb that mistakenly believes foot pain due to soccer

Typically, the case of male H.H.P patient (24 years old, living in Long An), was hospitalized with severe leg pain, difficult movement. Through examination, the doctor found that the patient was completely clogged thigh arteries should intervene, ensuring optimal subculture of blood.

After the procedure, the patient P. had no pain in his legs, his feet were warmly pink, he was able to walk normally, and he continued to follow up to prevent recurrence of thrombosis.

Imaging showing patients with lower limb occlusion.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tan Cuong, Medical Director of City International Hospital, limb artery disease occurs in young people as the above case is very rare. If not handled promptly the patient may progress to severe complications such as necrosis of the lower extremities, limb risk.

Patients have said that they have foot pain for 4 years now, but thinking that due to sports, soccer leads to injuries, they should only take painkillers. The situation kept coming back again and again until recently he could not bear to go to the doctor to discover the disease.

Doctors Department of Vascular Medicine City International Hospital said that the vascular disease is often confused with other diseases of the bone joint orthopedic trauma. Therefore, screening is extremely important. Only complete tests and image diagnostics will accurately conclude the disease. Last time, City International Hospital received many patients with vascular disease but kept thinking of osteoarthritis, aches and pains which often lead to wrong treatment, costly money and time.

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